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Multiple tangents and muscles that ache…

So, I recently started exercising.  I know.  Don’t laugh.  I truly forgot what sore muscles feel like.  Actually, I forgot what muscles feel like altogether, so the whole thing is pretty shocking, to say the least.  I haven’t succumbed to the lure of Ben Gay, though.  When I was in high school, the heady aroma of Ben Gay would waft throughout the school in the week of “sports camp” leading up to the start of the Fall season.  I’d rather hobble than smell that stuff again.  (God forbid you rub your eye with some of that on your hand….YEEOUCH.)  In order to nurse myself back to health, I’ve decided to just lie on the couch whilst eating an ice cream sandwich.  You know…just like the pros do.

Besides moaning about my aching, yet seemingly nonexistent muscles, I did get out to see some art.  This is lucky, as my own artwork continues to plod along at a glacial pace.  I didn’t venture far, mind you.  My hobbling limited the scope of my search.  I decided that I would FINALLY go to 13 Forest Gallery here in Arlington, MA.  (It’s kind of ridiculous/embarrassing that I had not been in before.)  I met Marc Gurton, the owner, who was super friendly and has selected some really amazing artists to represent.  Right now, they have a show titled, “Tangent,” which features the work of Mary O’Malley and Rebecca Roberts.  Here are some views of the show:


13 Forest Gallery featuring Mary O’Malley and Rebecca Roberts

And another view:


13 Forest Gallery featuring Mary O’Malley and Rebecca Roberts

O’Malley creates intricate drawings with metallic ink and gouache typically on black paper.  They are beautiful.  The repetitive and abstract qualities makes me think of Islamic art, while the gilded palette makes me think of an illuminated manuscript.  They have an opulent, yet understated quality about them.  Very impressive.

Roberts creates gorgeous abstract fabric paintings in a mix of both bold and subtle hues.  She not only plays with beautiful color palettes, but the texture of the fabric also varies.  My favorite pieces were those with a color field surrounded by an unsymmetrical white background.  Two of those pieces are in the photo above on the right side.

Here are some better shots of their work:


Mary O’Malley, Relic #10, Ink and Gouache on Paper, 16″ x 13″

The reflection is obviously not doing the work justice.  But you can see the gorgeous palette and beautiful detail.


Rebecca Roberts, Pfeiffer Falls, Sewn Cotton Fabric, 18″ x 20″

This is one where an irregularly shaped field of color sits within a minimal, white background.  I love it!

Anyone local to Arlington, MA should stop by to see the show.  IN FACT, TONIGHT (June 21) BOTH ARTISTS ARE GOING TO BE SPEAKING AT THE GALLERY.  There is a reception from 7-9pm.  Go see what they have to say!  (And please tell me what they say, as I don’t think that I can make it.)


Today is my son’s LAST DAY at preschool.  He has gone to that school since he was four months old.  (No joke.)  So, we’re taking him out for a “graduation dinner.” to celebrate.  This is also to ease the fact that he is NOT happy about leaving.  Actually, he’s not happy about change of any sort, unless you mean adding a new toy to his collection.  THEN, he embraces change completely and with zeal.  Also, he’ll “embrace” the change in my purse, and add it to his ever expanding piggybank if I’m not paying attention.  Naturally, if I ask him where the money is from…he’ll tell me that he “found it.”  I guess that’s sort of true…

Actually, the whole concept of “truth” still does not register with him.  He’s only 5, so I hope that there’s time to learn.   Sometimes, he’ll blatantly lie about something.  I’ll ask him, “Did you and Grandma get some ice cream today?”  His response is an emphatic, “NO!”  However, when I say that I’m going to call Grandma just to check, he changes his response to, “Wellllll, at least I don’t THINK that I had any ice cream…I don’t reaaaally remember.” He even scratches his chin quizzically for effect.


I’m hoping that this does not indicate some future life of crime for him, but just a phase of development that he hasn’t quite reached yet…kind of like facial hair.  Now, if the facial hair comes in BEFORE his understanding of “the truth”, THEN I will be concerned.  Actually, there’s probably some correlation between the onset of facial hair and a regressive trend to actually forget what it means to tell the truth.   Like, “No Mom, I didn’t take your ironing board and use it as a skateboard ramp.  I don’t know where those wheel marks came from.”


I’ve decided to stop worrying about all of that now and just go ice my sore muscles with another ice cream sandwich…


Barry, I’m your number one fan…

I went downtown this week.


Lots of people were milling around the site of the bombing on Boylston Street.    There was actually a small crowd of cops and individuals with prosthetic legs, possibly veterans?, chatting and talking to people who stopped by to visit the site.  I know that it would be bad for business…but I almost wish that this spot could stay boarded up like this.  It won’t, though, and I know that it shouldn’t.  But a statue or a plaque in this location to mark the significance is so much less powerful than seeing the boarded up storefronts.  The grim blankness of the closed windows is mirrored in the faces of those who stop and stare.  There was also something poignant about people both walking past, a sign of the return to normalcy, and people standing in reverential silence.  Everyone here is still obsessed with the event and the victims.

Eventually, I headed down to South Boston to check out what’s up at the ICA.  I used to work in South Boston, so it was nice to be back there.


I used to work on that street!  Looks the same as I remember.  Other parts in the area look MUCH different:


Mural by Os Gemeos

LOVE IT!  This work has been somewhat controversial.  Some people found it to be disturbing, but I think it’s a fascinating mural on an irregularly shaped building facade.  This used to be a plain, flat, gray metal facade.  But, now LOOK!  He’s just hanging out like everyone else on the lawn!  I like the ambiguity of his expression and partially hidden face.  He’s SO big and obtrusive, and yet he appears to be trying to almost hide and make himself small and unnoticed.  FASCINATING.  I’m glad that I finally got to see this in person.  Here’s what else I saw right near him:


Brilliant!  There is a little grouping of food trucks right across from him…and I loved the local “flavah” of this one.  As much as I love the Boston accent, I get worried when I hear my son say words in a slightly Boston way.  I’ve had to explain to him that “hair” is a single syllable word.  It’s “hair”, not “HAY-ER.”  I wasn’t born in Massachusetts, so I’d feel like a fraud if my son sounded like a local.  I should have bought one of the cookies to really get a sense of the flavor, right???  I wonder if they sell the raw dough?  I would happily have gnawed on a blob of dough whilst sunning myself on the lawn in front of the enormous, reclining “dude”.


Edouard Manet, Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe

Not to be confused with this reclining nude.  See how far we’ve come in art?  Now, instead of a nude female having lunch with a couple of clothed men on a lawn, we have a larger than life oddball peering at us from beneath the sweatshirt he’s wrapped around his head!


I love the ICA.  I don’t always remotely grasp the content of the work, but I still love going.  Right now, they have the work of Barry McGee up.  He’s a painter / graffiti artist from San Francisco.  His work is amazing and I bask in his artistic brilliance.  The show is incredible, with works of a stunning variety of scale, color, and medium.  I love the dark humor throughout his work.  He had written his name, “McGee” on a wall with what looked like wishbones from chickens.  I wish that I’d taken a picture of it.  Brilliant.

a-bmcgee2Barry McGee at the ICA, Boston

That is so amazing.  EACH DRAWING that makes up this piece is amazing.  This faux living room wall with an amorphous “growth” of these drawings was phenomenal.  I don’t want to gush, but I will.  GO SEE THIS NOW.  I LOVE how this is so compelling from far away AND up close.  Look:


Barry McGee at the ICA, Boston

Look at all of these amazing sketches, collages, drawings, photos, etc.!!!  Each one is a fantastic and bizarre little world to get lost in.  Stunning.


Barry McGee at the ICA, Boston

Again, SO amazing.  A wall of whiskey (??) bottles hung by wire in a giant cluster.  Who is this population of disturbing men???  On the surface, each face is different…but they all share a common core and they are all empty and “hanging by a thread.”  Again, it’s compelling from a distance AND from up close:


Barry McGee at the ICA, Boston

Don’t you love the limited color palette and vintage look to the style of illustration?  I love their neat, shiny hair and unnerving expressions.

a-bmcgee3Barry McGee at the ICA, Boston

Okay.  THESE drawings were INCREDIBLE.   They are ballpoint pen on paper.    Each “face” appears almost as a mask made from shiny human hair and like a collection of strange tribal fetishes.  These may have been the most mind-blowing drawings for me.  They are disturbing…beautiful…strange…and done with a BALLPOINT PEN.  I could have spent the day pouring over each one.  Together, especially in that mass, they are imposing.  While they are mask-like, the eyes are not vacant but staring back at you…tiny deities from a mysterious religion.

Please go see this show.  Call me, and we’ll go together so that I GUSH over everything with you as my unwilling audience.  Sound good?  Okay, it’s open at 10 tomorrow…see you then.


Barry McGee at the ICA, Boston

LOOK.  AT.  THIS.  These are little patterned color swatches that FILL THE WALL and are configured in a unique way each time they are installed.  I desperately wanted to touch them, but I didn’t.  I would never do something like that, but I can admit that I WANTED to.  Again, I could have pulled up a chair and basically sat all day staring at this.  Is the breadth of his talent not mind-blowing?????  I have to end this commentary soon, as I’m running out of superlatives.

a-bmcgee7Barry McGee at the ICA, Boston

The bulging wall behind was incredible.  This tower of TVs fit so perfectly with the context of the show.  I am so glad that this show has an extensive range of his work.  I would love each piece individually…but the entire show makes you dizzy and awestruck.  Next time I’ll get myself a blob of that cookie dough, bring a lawnchair, and sit myself down in front of this totem of TVs for the afternoon.  The staff will love me.  (Maybe if I share my cookie dough they actually will love me?  Maybe not?  What would Barry do???)

Strangely enough, I came home to find my son creating something that felt similar:


Okay.  Not quite.  I know that some kids build with Lego, but this is what my son was up to.  Somehow though…this multicolored blob of Lego on the rug struck me as fitting in with my Barry McGee afternoon.  (I hope that he wouldn’t be offended for me to say that.)  Actually, the fact that he’s being written about in this blog is probably offensive enough to him.  Hmm.  If he writes me to complain, I’ll be sympathetic.  I might even put down my blob of cookie dough to give him my full attention as I read his enraged comments about my misguided analysis of his work.  I flatter myself to think that he would contact me.  If he does contact me, I’ll remind him that I LOVE his work and that I did NOT touch any of it, never mind get cookie dough on it…

Maybe I’ll hold off on telling him, “I’m your number one fan…”


Okay, I’m going to stop wearing my hair like that…IMMEDIATELY.  I’m also going to end the post here because I’m starting to freak myself out…

April 20, 2013, 10:14 pm
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Oh. My. God.


What a week this has been.  It began on Monday with the explosion of two, homemade bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon…three people killed and many others horribly maimed…a young police officer shot on Thursday…and it ended last evening with the capture of the second suspect who had been hiding in someone’s backyard in Watertown.

In spite of the fact that the second terrorist is still alive, nothing he can say will somehow “clear things up” about why all of this happened.  It was senseless, calculated, and evil.  Those dead are gone forever, and those who lost limbs will never recover them.

I can’t believe how recently the nation was sickened by the shootings at Newtown.  And yet…here we are again, with more senseless killing of innocent people.  I know that this happens all over the world.  I don’t mean to imply that these events are somehow more horrific than events that have occurred anywhere else.  Personally, however, these last two tragedies were very close to home…both to my childhood home in the case of Newtown,  and my to current one in the case of this Boston/Cambridge/Watertown nightmare.  I know that it shouldn’t make a difference to the horror of it all, but it does…only in that I’m filled with more disbelief.




No man is an island,

Entire of itself.

Each is a piece of the continent,

A part of the main.

If a clod be washed away by the sea,

Europe is the less.

As well as if a promontory were.

As well as if a manor of thine own

Or of thine friend’s were.

Each man’s death diminishes me,

For I am involved in mankind.

Therefore, send not to know

For whom the bell tolls,

It tolls for thee.

– John Donne


I’ll post about art next week.


Frozen flowers and soy ice cream sandwiches…
January 4, 2013, 9:45 pm
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For those of you only interested in art…please scroll down…

For the rest of you…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  YES, I made it through what seemed like an endless school vacation.  SO EXHAUSTING.  I think that what made it more exhausting is that for some odd reason I also decided that it was time to paint the kitchen cabinets:


No joke.  Do you realize how many square inches of surface area cabinets have???  BAJILLIONS.  All the doors and hinges have to come off…holes patched & sanded…prime EVERYTHING (at least once), and paint everything (at least once).   Because this project is such a royal pain in the tush, I decided that there was no way that I could afford to hire someone else to do it.  BAH!  Merry Christmas to me! (not)

(FYI…blue tape is an a tool of the devil which is only used by non-professionals in the hope that paint won’t get everywhere, but that’s a total lie.  Did I mention that I also managed to dip the end of my hair in the paint can?  Yeah, I know…that’s not the fault of blue tape, but whatever…)

It also snowed here:


That’s the igloo that my son and husband started.  Yes, they were so stir crazy, that they started an igloo.  It was four degrees here this week…FOUR DEGREES!  (that’s Fahrenheit, FYI)  Needless to say, the igloo is unfinished.  Also:


Yes, I was so stir crazy that I was willing for my son to play with the science experiment kit that we have.  This basically involves making a big mess with things like vegetable oil, baking soda, and food coloring.  I’m kind of a high strung person, so giving my kid a large eyedropper filled with ANYTHING makes me nervous.  It was okay.  Nothing really bad happened, other than me having to clean up a big mess and vowing to mysteriously lose the science kit somehow.  At least it gave me a break from our imaginative play with Lego, where I’m always the Lego astronaut who falls to earth, lands in the middle of a dinosaur trapping station, and somehow can’t see anything until one of the dinosaur-trapper Lego guys tells my astronaut Lego guy to take his helmet off.

Yes, I am totally serious…and no, like my cabinet project, that’s not a joke.  In fact, I may have to run to the fridge right now to get a second soy ice cream sandwich just to have the strength to finish this post.

It’s been a long eleven days.


My son drew this.  Do you think that he wrote my name on it because he was making the drawing FOR me…or do you think that he was making it OF me?  I’m assuming that I’d be the large creature in the center with the tiny head and sharp teeth.  Thoughts?  Comments?  Reassuring remarks?  Why do I have so many legs and why is steam coming out of my shoulder?  And what’s up with that back hair????  Discuss.

Okay, so one of the highlights of the week, besides me eating two, soy ice cream sandwiches in a row (FYI…husband is vegan, and no, that doesn’t explain why I ate more than one…), was going to the MFA to see the Ori Gersht show.  If you are in the Boston area and are not in the middle of overindulging, as I am…then RUN to the museum to see this show.


Ori Gersht

His work…is…stunning.

I mean…SOOOO stunning.

Please take a look at the numerous links for him here, and here, and here, and here, and here.

In the photo above, he has frozen these flowers in liquid nitrogen, then blown them up with dynamite.  A-MA-ZING.  His work comments on beauty, life, death, destruction, violence, fragility, humanity, history…I could go on.  His photos and videos are mesmerizing and painterly.  He is thinking of the most heartbreaking subjects (Hiroshima…WWII…) and tapping into the agony of these events through his slow, videos and photography of beauty coming to an end.  I wish that I could do his work justice with a poetic description, but I am lacking in both poetry and writing skills (and yet you’re still here!) Seriously, though…his work is breathtaking.  The show at the MFA closes on Sunday.  GO NOW.  WAIT OUTSIDE, IF YOU MUST.  DON’T WHINE…IT ISN’T FOUR DEGREES ANYMORE, IT’S THIRTY-TWO.  DEAL WITH IT.  IT’S WORTH IT.

Okay, enough ranting.  Perhaps that faux ice cream is having an odd affect on me?  Maybe that’s why vegans are grouchy all the time. (just kidding, honey!!!!)

There was also a postcard exhibit, and a poster exhibit as well:


Ib Andersen

I had to take a picture of this, as it made me reminisce about being an architect.  Ah…the sectional perspective…classic.  But, naturally, the non-architecture poster of a toothbrush was my favorite:


Niklaus Stoecklin

Isn’t that so fantastic???  I’m not sure which is my favorite part…the change in the toothbrush’s appearance as it exits the glass, or the look of the toothpaste tube through the toothbrush handle, or the pink reflection of light on the toothpaste cap.  Either way…this is pretty amazing.  It’s like Mario Testino decided to take a picture of his bathroom sink, or something.  His toothbrush would look like Giselle Bundchen, while mine typically looks like someone who just ate two ice cream sandwiches.  Hmmm.  Maybe I should get a third???  Okay, maybe not…

First Friday & pear glare…
August 3, 2012, 4:56 pm
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So, tonight is “First Friday” in Boston.  As you likely know, this is when the galleries are all open late for people to come, look, socialize, and feel inadequate…(kidding, sort of…I may need to do some laundry today and locate a hairbrush…).  Most people head to 450 Harrison Avenue, where there is a glut of good galleries.  It’s kind of a fun and festive atmosphere…but it’s actually not great for seeing the art, as it tends to be crowded.  Because I spend too much time in the ‘burbs, I’m going to go ANYWAY.  I’ll try to conceal my suburban housewife-ness by NOT having any loud discussions about how my four-year old could do that, or how expensive Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers have become at Stop & Shop.  Are you depressed yet?  I just had to share the wealth…anyhoo, here’s what’s happening:

Bromfield Gallery is having works by Linda Klein and large scale prints by artists from Zea Mays.  I have taken a couple of printmaking workshops at Zea Mays (print studio in MA), so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this show.

Linda Klein

Howard Yezersky Gallery has an interesting show titled, Material Abstraction.  This is a group of “paintings” that hardly use any paint at all.  Hmm!  Sounds cool.

Carter Potter

Samson Projects is having a show of Steve Locke’s work.  These works seem interesting…almost like broken people scattered about a room…

Steve Locke

I’ll hopefully give you an update on what I liked…stay tuned!

As a side project, I’ve been helping a friend with some graphic design work.  Yes, I have some knowledge of Adobe InDesign.  No, I’m not helping you with your graphic design project…I’m pooped!  Here is the postcard that we made for his upcoming show in NYC:

George Oommen

And the back:

Yes, I know that his name is not centered on the grey rectangle…the card needed a bleed, and will be cropped slightly.  Sheesh!  Or, maybe you didn’t even notice that?  If so, I like you and need to have you over to my house more often.  You would likely be able to overlook the general chaos and disorder.  I suppose as long as you didn’t trip on anything /injure yourself /get a rash, my messiness could go unnoticed!  AND…I could put you to work by forcing you to wear THESE:

How did I manage to get that image into TWO blog posts?  I’m amazing, that’s how.  I plan to sew my son some pajamas made of Swiffer sheets, as a means to get more lazy housekeeping done. 

ANYWAY, George’s show will be at Agora Gallery in NYC, with the reception on November 8.  I’ll post this again when it’s closer to the date.  (George, be thankful that I’m not doing your PR).  You’ll recognize me at the opening because I’ll be the one wearing the plaid duster/slippers and sporting a Swiffer maxi dress.

My own work is chugging along.  I still can’t seem to take a decent photo of my drawings.  Either my head is casting a shadow on the drawing, or there is a glare from the light on the graphite.  Hmph! 

Hmm…do you think that I need to make it generally darker?  Perhaps so.  Or, is it just a lighting issue?  (I think it’s the glare on the pear that puts me in despair…yuk…yuk…yuk… clearly, too much My Fair Lady or Dr. Seuss on the brain.)  Actually, I think that I’ve just eaten too many wasabi peas today.  The drawing looks better in person, so I’m going to assign blame to the camera, and not my drawing.  I know.  I should run for politics.  But, who would vote for a suburban mom?  Wait…OTHER SUBURBAN MOMS!  I might be onto something here…I’ll start collecting signatures at Stop & Shop, shaking hands, and giving out bags of Goldfish crackers (which, will hopefully be on sale…score!) 

Now, if I can just dig my “mom jeans” out of the closet, I’ll be all set for First Friday…

Don’t expect greatness this week…

I have no new drawings to show.  But, what I am missing in my own work…I plan to make up by my entertaining photos.  Guess what I bought this week????  Only the coolest thing on the planet:

Do you know what that is?  (besides the obvious…)  IT’S A PURSE!  I kid you not.  Can you see the two zippers?  Whoever came up with this idea…truly spoke to my soul.  Here it is OPEN:

Come on.  You love it, right?  It doesn’t NEED to open…but it does.  BRILLIANT!  Where did I get this fabulous item, you may ask?  From Dick Blick.  Seriously!  My kind brother and sister-in-law got me a gift certificate.  I’m sure that this is not what they imagined I would buy…but, in addition to some art supplies, I felt that this item was calling my name.  No, I’m not really hearing voices, but hasn’t a hamburger ever spoke to you?  Did I mention that I’m trying to be vegan?  Hmm.  Actually, it is kind of making me hungry looking at it…

Yesterday, I met with Erica Licea-Kane.  Besides being an accomplished artist, she is ALSO the director of the Towne Art Gallery at Wheelock College in Boston.  Do you know WHY I met with her?  BECAUSE I am going to be in a TWO person show this fall AT this gallery!  I kid you not.  I’m very excited.  Here is what the space looks like:

Pretty cool, right???  I’ll get the wall on the left.  I need thirteen drawings for this show.  Although I currently have twenty…the Concord Art Association is going to have ten of them at the time of the Towne Gallery Show.  SO…I need three more…PANIC.  I literally could not sleep last night stressing about this.  Why am I writing this post instead of drawing? Who knows.  Screwed up priorities, I guess. 

Speaking of drawings…this is the creation I made this week with my son:

He is obsessed with building demolition.  Every drawing that he makes is a building being demolished.  How did he get this idea, you ask?  Because, like the brilliant mom that I am…I show him videos of building demolition on You Tube.  This is one of his favorites.  Did you watch it?  I have seen that probably forty million times.  Anyway, it kind of leaves an impression, right?  So, those images are burned in my son’s mind.  Hence, this is what he draws:

Let me describe to you some of the objects that are falling off the side of the building: a square table, a round table, four table legs, plates, a pizza cutter, a mattress.  My son doesn’t know that people usually EMPTY a building before taking it down.  He imagines all of the contents falling out.  One drawback to this subject matter is that he tends to scribble all over the drawing to show the “dust” from the crumbling building.  I feel that too much “dust” on a drawing covers up all of the other brilliant things, so sometimes I have to try to distract him so that he won’t scribble all over the drawing before I can get my hands on it.

Here’s something that I keep thinking about.  I look at this drawing, and realize that his drawing ability (compared to other 4.5 yr olds) is not conventially “good.”  BUT…he loves drawing, and I think that his drawings are GREAT in their non-conventional way.  I fear that he will someday have an “art teacher” at school who will crush his enthusiasm by pointing out how is drawings aren’t “good” (i.e. realistic).  There are SOOOO many people who have had that experience.  I will have to have a heated parent/teacher conference if that happens to my son.  Heaven forbid.  Let’s hope that antiquated way of thinking has gone the way of the tsquare.  (btw…they still sell those at Dick Blick, just not in the same aisle as the hamburger purses…)

Just so you know…for the next two weeks, I’ll be in Seattle.  I can’t guarantee a blog post…but MAYBE if you’re LUCKY…i’ll post some Seattle pics.  That is IF I remember my camera…and IF my son does not smear saliva all over the lens again.  (btw…did I mention that it’s my birthday today?  Hence, I treated myself to that hamburger purse.  You know you want one.) Happy 4th!

A balmy day at the BPL

So, today was another oppressively hot day in Boston.  Yesterday, it was 104…today, a mere 98.  I know.  The Sahara Desert is hotter.  BUT…do they get 48″ of snow in the winter?  Noooooo. (Remind me again why I live here???)

ANYHOO…I went to see the “ReThink INK” exhibit at the Boston Public Library.  This exhibit showcased the work of printmakers who have been a part of Mixit Print Studio in Somerville over the past 25 yrs.  WELL…the work was so great to see.  I have actually had classes with many of the printmakers who were included, such as Catherine Kernan, Jan Arabas, Deb Olin, Annie Silverman, and the list goes on.  It was also a treat to see people that I am not familiar with.  I’ve got photos of some of the prints from artists that I was not familiar with:

Nona Hershey

This work by Nona Hershey is titled, “Branches, Spring.”  I love the soft green areas behind the strong tree boughs.  My photo does this print no justice, but I loved the texture of the bark, and the three-dimensional quality of the interlaced branches.  I also love all of the scratchy black lines in the background.  It is soft, yet hard.  Here is her website.  (please look)  Next:

Mongezi Ncapheyi

This print is titled, “Migrant Workers’ Hostels.”  I loved the repetition.  The lines were so delicate.  Here is a closeup:

I thought that this was really beautiful.  I’m a sucker for lovely lines.  Isn’t it so simple, yet so beautiful???  I can’t seem to find his/her website, though.  (You’ll just have to see the show in person to take a look at the work…hee hee!)  Next:

Thaddeus Beal

I loved this as well.  This print is titled, “Compressed Crawling.”  The rhythmic texture and subtle greys…ahhh.  Dreamy.  Doesn’t it almost look three-dimensional?  Love it.  Makes me want to run my sweaty hand across it.  (Don’t worry!  I didn’t.)  Next:

Valda Zalkalns

I can’t find a website for her, either.  This print is titled, “Corn Print #1.”  There is actually corn embedded in the print.  Fascinating!  Here is a closeup:

Isn’t that cool???  Maybe I’m seeing a theme here…I guess I like work with TEXTURE.  I realize that’s so odd, when my own work is so “clean”.  I know someone who always jokes about the fact that I love Cy Twombly, and yet my stuff is nothing like his.  I think that this same person was surprised to find out that I’m a messy person.  I guess that my clean drawings imply a certain amount of fastidiousness.  That’s sort of true…but that’s about as far as it goes with me.  Martha Stewart would sob into her monogrammed handkerchief if she stepped into my house…actually, she’d probably keep her face covered like that the whole time!   (but no matter)  I just make friends with the dust bunnies. 

In spite of the fact that my son has created numerous drawings this week, I have decided to show his collection of “rusting iron thingys”, which are sitting in front of the house:

This type of thing typically migrates into the house somehow, but then I have to migrate it back out again (the dust bunnies get scared).  That enormous “nail” on the right is about as long as my forearm.  Why can’t he collect pebbles, instead?  Sigh.  I’m hoping that the family’s tetanus shots are up to date…

My own work continues at a snail’s pace.  As you have seen with previous posts, I’m experimenting with what direction my work should now go in.  Here is my latest drawing:

I’ve drawn the hammer as blurred, or “pixelated”.  I’m wanting to have the tool blurred, as if to create anonymity.  I also had the hammer beginning to slip off of the edge of the drawing.  I was pretty happy with it.  My advisor suggested that I reconsider the negative space.  HMM!  Well, as a result…I’ve been pondering and pondering.  I haven’t even STARTED another drawing.  Hey, at least I did the laundry, (finally!)  Everyone at my house is less grumpy when they have clean clothes to wear.  Such fusspots.  Go figure.

So, your homework assignment is to go and see ReThink INK at the BPL.  If you wanted to…you could also GUSH about my brilliant drawing, but I won’t put that as homework.  Think of this blog as OpenCourseWear, much like that of MIT’s…except that I have nothing intelligent to teach you, and I won’t email you a certificate either.  Hmm.  Maybe I should get back to my art cave in the basement…I think that the heat is getting to me…

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