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Christmas clart
December 7, 2012, 9:21 am
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Okay.  Because I’m a strange person, we have a “tradition” of getting a real Christmas tree one year, and then using my vintage fake tree another year.  This has not been without controversy.  My stepkids refuse to acknowledge my supercoolvintagealuminumsparkly tree as a “tree”.  I can’t remember what they call it, but “tree” is not permitted.

a-tree 2

Now, I ask you…is THAT really sooooo wrong???  Look how festive and BEDAZZLED it is!  (You know you want one.)

December is one of those months that I look forward to, and yet loathe.  The holiday nonsense…organizing my son’s birthday party…etc.  It’s enough to make my gray hairs breed with reckless abandon.  I keep yelling at them to “quit it!”, but to no avail.  Nobody listens to me around here anymore.  Perhaps it’s my nagging tone of voice, or my incessant whining?  Not sure…I’ll get back to you on that.  I SAID, “I’LL GET BACK TO YOU ON THAT.”

(aren’t you glad that you don’t live here???)

Despite my holiday angst, check out the favor bags that I started to make for said party:


Not bad, huh?  THIS is what I do instead of housework.  (Sorry, honey!)  Housework is tedious, mind-numbing and soul destroying.  Making tyrannosaurus favor bags is uplifting, rejuvenating, and fun.  BTW, my son asked “why roar?”  WHAT’S WRONG WITH ROAR?  He’s soooo nit-picky.  I expected an “ooh” and “ahh”, not a scowl.  When will I learn that the response that I hope from my son is never what I receive?  Sigh.  At least he hasn’t started criticizing my lack of housekeeping skills…

This post is not going to be long, as a dust bunny is tapping me on the shoulder and asking when I’m going to get off of the computer.  Sheesh!  They’re so pushy…

So I didn’t want to bore you with my domestic nonsense ramblings.  As a result, I’ve found a few artists that I think that you should check out.  I tried to find people who have a similar aesthetic to my own.  Why?  Because that’s how I learn things.  You didn’t think that I was going to draw smashed up pears forever did you?  (The correct answer is, “no, of COURSE not…only a moron would do THAT.”)  Hmm…maybe that’s not the answer I wanted.


Rebecca Clark

Isn’t that lovely?  Check out her work here.  I love her series on dry leaves.  Such beautiful forms.  It’s really great.

Here’s another person who works with graphite:


Shona Macdonald

Her work is pretty impressive all round.  Please check out her website.  She works in so many different media.  Really amazing breadth and quality of work.  I bask in her artistic virtuosity.  I also bask in her ability to make a beautiful drawing from piles of laundry.  I certainly have THAT subject matter at home!  It tends to look more like the messy piles rather than the neat stacks…go figure.  Maybe I’ll try to create a still life with my dust bunnies as a start…

In the meantime, you have a homework assignment of telling me about other FABULOUS artists that I should know.  I don’t see any at Stop & Shop, so I need others to guide me to MORE than just the cracker aisle, which I always seem to lose.

Check out here what those of us who don’t live in NYC are missing (besides a good bagel and just about everything):


Did you watch the video????  If not…YOU MUST.  I may set up something like this in our living room.  It will entertain as well as distract from the general disarray…a win-win!


(our living room floor’s perpetual state…)  See?  We have art is the suburbs!!!  Except we pronounce it “aht”, here in the Commonwealth…


Tree again!

So, in spite of the fact that I think that we have a very cute tree…not all of my family members will recognize it as a “tree”. Sheesh!  Don’t you think that it looks cute?  I’ll admit, it doesn’t have the “home-made” look…with ornaments made in kindergarten, etc.  I like those kind of trees too.  BUT, this tree has a certain exuberance, that I think makes it fun.  I mean, it’s like a mini fireworks display in our dining room!  Okay, I’m clearly biased.  Don’t worry…next year is the other tree’s turn…a real one.  Remind me to ask for a mini vac for Christmas.

this is how my son’s decorating went:

Progress images & tree debate…

Hello all!  I’ve been asked to try to provide progress images of what I’m up to.  Here’s a serigraph (screen print), that is in progress:

Here some images of my holiday cards…relief print:

And here is something in progress…tree ornaments!  This is a good segue to my next topic: tree debate!

Okay.  When I was growing up, our family would sometimes get a real tree at Christmas time…and sometimes not.  When we didn’t get a real tree, we used my mom’s FABULOUS silver aluminum tree.  I believe that she and a girlfriend bought the tree when they had a tiny apartment in Chicago.  Anyway, I loved that tree.  Much to my horror, she threw it out one year WITHOUT ASKING ME FIRST.  I know…get a life.  Whatever.  So, I’ve wanted one of those trees for ages.  I got a vintage one from ebay last year, and I was SO excited.  I think that my mom’s tree was better.., but this one is pretty cool.  Okay, so the debate is: the rest of my family is not fond of the idea of a fake tree, never mind a silver one.  So, I’m posting photos to get more opinions. Am I crazy, or is this thing kind of cool?  Be honest.  The first photo is just the plain tree…bare bones:

I know…it has a sort of Charlie Brown sparseness to it.  But wait!  What if I add some lights?

What if I go crazy, and add some PINK lights?  (as we had in my childhood…should explain a lot about me)

I know.  My husband is NOT going to go for this.  But whyyyyyyyy???  Isn’t it COOL?  No?  Hmm…okay, I also made some silly, pillow ornaments for the tree.  You may hate these as well, but give me your opinions on them:

And now, in the silver tree:

So, what do you think?  Creepy? Cute? Blah? Yucky?

I like them!  I know.  Mies van der Rohe would throw up.

My son, inspecting the tree:

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