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Tree again!

So, in spite of the fact that I think that we have a very cute tree…not all of my family members will recognize it as a “tree”. Sheesh!  Don’t you think that it looks cute?  I’ll admit, it doesn’t have the “home-made” look…with ornaments made in kindergarten, etc.  I like those kind of trees too.  BUT, this tree has a certain exuberance, that I think makes it fun.  I mean, it’s like a mini fireworks display in our dining room!  Okay, I’m clearly biased.  Don’t worry…next year is the other tree’s turn…a real one.  Remind me to ask for a mini vac for Christmas.

this is how my son’s decorating went:


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I really, really, really, love your tree. This new stage of life is like a whole new lease on life for you. Finally, that bold, colorful, exuberant person I’ve always know was lying dormant in there somewhere is coming out in full force and she’s oh so fabulous!

Comment by Growing Muses

Thank you! I know…I’ll be sad to take it down, as it’s so…BRIGHT.

Comment by slightlywonky

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