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October 20, 2012, 9:56 pm
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Has anyone out there ever been to Concord?  It’s probably the last place to have “palooza” after its name.  It is an immaculate/supercute New England town.  Why do I bring it up?  Well, because ten of my drawings are at the Concord Art Association!!!  The opening/reception was on Thursday night (yes, I had to miss the finale of Project Runway, but I’d like to think that I have my priorities straight.)  The show is “Consuming Passion: Food as Metaphor in Art.”  (Brief aimless tangent:  I arrived slightly early for the opening (try to be surprised), and because I had not eaten dinner…I thought that I’d walk into the downtown and grab something from somewhere.  WELL, Concord is so swanky and nice that there WASN’T anyplace to GRAB something.  That’s too ghetto.  No joke!  There were either lovely restaurants…or lovely inedible items, like fancy clothes or jewelry.  Sigh.  Thus, I had to snarf down lots of snacks at the reception.)

OKAY.  End of tangent.  Here are nine of my drawings in all of their black and white glory:

WOO HOO!  Lookin’ good!  My babies!  Where is the tenth drawing, you ask?  On the opposite wall.  He’s lonely and orphaned, but it’s okay.  I was really happy to see the group of them on the wall.  I saw someone ALMOST touch one of them, but they didn’t.  Umm…really?  Overprotective mommy here…PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE DRAWINGS, areyoufrigginkiddingme?  Some of my big-hearted friends asked why I didn’t bring my son to the reception.  Enough said.

But enough about me…I’ve got some pictures of some of the other FASCINATING works (because my stuff is obviously fascinating as well, thankyouverymuch):

Hannah Perrine Mode, Weight and Sea I, 2011, 84″ x 30″, oil on canvas

This enormous and lovely painting is by Hannah Perrine Mode.  I actually got a chance to chat with her a bit.  She was lovely and friendly and I wish her loads of success, as she has recently moved to NYC.  I really love that piece.  Must. Sell. Art. In. Order. To. Buy. It.  She said that she has to work much MUCH smaller, as she’s got a tiny place in Manhattan.  My work, in contrast, is already tiny.  See!  My work is MADE for NYC!  Right???  You must agree.

Some other fascinating work by Judith Klausner:

Judith Klausner, Cereal Sampler #2: The Most Important Meal, 2010, Chex corn cereal and thread

Yes. She. Did. (1 of 3):

She did embroidery on CEREAL.  Not kidding.  So awesome.  Look at the date.  IT’S TWO YEARS OLD!  Even better.  Next:

Judith Klausner, Oreo Cameo #10, 2011, Oreo sandwich cookie

Yes. She. Did. (2 of 3):

She sculpted a “cameo” portrait from an OREO.  AN OREO!!!!

Not kidding.  Awesomer.  Next:

Judith Klausner, Toast Embroidery #1: Egg on Toast, 2010, Toast, thread, paper (structural)

Yes. She. Did. (3 of 3):

That’s EMBROIDERY on TOAST.  She is a food + art mastermind!!!  That one’s two years old as well…impressive!  There were lots of other great work…I just can’t post it all here.  Well, okay…I’ll post one more bit of artistic amazingness:

My 4 yr old son drew this today.  It’s a building falling down.  Look at those action lines!  See the sideways door?  He said it tipped over.  LOVE. IT.  Please don’t ask my why my child has done a bajillion drawings of buildings collapsing.  It’s a direct result of his mommy letting him watch building demolition videos on You Tube.  Sigh.  I can practically HEAR his synapses fusing into abnormal arrays.  Sigh.

This is a recent portrait, so he can’t be THAT messed up, right???:

See?  He looks happy!  And relatively calm, I might add.  This evidence will exonerate me when DSS comes by.

Speaking of calm…look at the lovely weather we had today!

Did I mention that it was almost 70 DEGREES???  For MID-OCTOBER???  Very strange.

At least the leaves are turning…and I haven’t seen any palm trees springing up yet, or toucans flying by.

Lots of blobby pumpkins, though!  Hmm…this gives me the idea of power tools and pumpkins…I may be onto something here…  (note: I said “onto” something, not “on” something…) Perhaps I’m channeling my inner Gallagher?  I think that I’d better stop while I’m neither ahead nor behind.

Happy Fall!  Hakuna Matata!  Go see the show at Concord, or else!


October 26, 2010, 12:34 pm
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My first felting experiment…hmmm…needs work.  I can see how this might become addictive, though.  You can just keep throwing stuff on it and see what happens.  I don’t think that you can take something off if you change your mind, though.  Not a big deal, as I don’t expect this to be on the cover of any magazine…ever.

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