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Colors of fall
October 31, 2010, 9:34 pm
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Ahhh…don’t you just love fall?  I’m posting just a few photos of some of the vibrant local colors.  I know…we all have pretty fall photos.  I’m posting these anyway.

Things have been a bit of a struggle lately.  I am really having a hard time not having a “studio”.  I feel really disjointed.  My stuff, while organized into bins, feels scattered.  I have so little time alone to do any work…I’m not so good at working with an audience.  I feel inhibited.  I’m often not happy with what I’m doing, and I feel so self conscious when someone looks over my shoulder, or remarks on my project.  I’m a serious introvert, so this kind of work environment is really stressful.  I know…stop whining!  I’m embarking on a new phase of life!  Still, it feels like I am waiting for some kind of sports injury to heal before I can actually get into the game.

I also know that if I was Picasso, not having a permanent place to work probably wouldn’t obstruct my genius.  Unfortunately for me, I’m no Picasso.  My artistic endeavour is a tiny sapling, easily stunted by an unfavorable environment.   I wish that I had a kind gardener, to help me on my way.

I’ve started a mini art quilt.  It’s tiny.  It’s also not quite as exciting as I had envisioned it.  I’m going to try to keep at it, until I’m happier with it.  When I finish, I’ll post it!  Comments are always welcome…Happy Halloween!


Textile forms at the Decordova
October 27, 2010, 8:34 pm
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Hello all!  I’m just including some photos of my creations from my class, Textile Forms, at the Decordova.  The teacher was Laura Sapelly.  SUCH AN AMAZING CLASS!  My classmates were an INCREDIBLE group of women…I hope that I can keep in touch with them somehow…they were all so inspiring. 

I was the only one in the class that wasn’t an official “artist”.  Everyone was so kind and supportive.  SO different than architecture school…a place where they want to break you in, break you down, break your work.  You can’t get too attached to your work in architecture school.  Critics see no problem in scribbling on your drawings, ripping pieces off of models, and tearing your design to shreds, if they so desire.  I kind of got used to that hyper-critical world.  I found that in my first job, I sort of came on a bit too strong with my opinions.  This is a result of being under attack for the past 7 years in school, and needing to constantly stand my ground.  I know…it isn’t fair to compare architecture grad/undergrad to an art class.  I’m sure that fine arts programs can be just as grueling.  I just mean that it was SO wonderful to be in a supportive environment where experimentation was the goal…not perfection.  It was amazing to just to let go and see where the material took me.  No, I’m not necessarily thrilled with my work.  However, I did learn a tremendous amount, just from the few classes that we had. 

I’m kind of in recovery mode, from so many years as an architect.  Every day was a battle of sorts…a struggle to make it all happen, make it all work, and make it all wonderful.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it.  Don’t get me wrong…I still love architecture.  I just have to take a break from it for awhile…breathe a little…relax…make something messy and spontaneous…and try not to immediately criticize/hate everything that I do.

Hmmm…time for some tea and something sugary!  I have such a sweet tooth…

October 26, 2010, 12:34 pm
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My first felting experiment…hmmm…needs work.  I can see how this might become addictive, though.  You can just keep throwing stuff on it and see what happens.  I don’t think that you can take something off if you change your mind, though.  Not a big deal, as I don’t expect this to be on the cover of any magazine…ever.

October 26, 2010, 12:31 pm
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My husband and I went to the Berkshires this weekend…without the kids!  Ahhhh…needless to say, we had a great time.  We went back to the place where we were married…a rustic lodge with a babbling brook, hammocks, hot coffee, and peace.  I keep thinking, “why can’t I be here ALL the time?”.  Oh yeah…er…mortgage/kids/bills/reality.  The kids are good though…I could happily forget the rest.

Hello world! (anyone? bueller?)
October 26, 2010, 11:05 am
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Anyone out there?  Probably not. 

This blog is my journey from being a type A, stress-a-holic architect to being a type OK, happy artisan.  Yes, I quit my job to pursue that nagging feeling that I was not doing what I wanted to do with my life. 

What I want to do with my life is: 

make stuff.

Good stuff, bad stuff, ugly stuff, cool stuff…I’m going to try it all.  I hope to look back over this blog in a year’s time and be pleasantly surprised about how far I’ve come.  Or, maybe not.  But at least I’ll have a ton of stuff/crafts/art that I’ve made…for better or worse!  Wish me luck!

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