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Completely random…
December 6, 2010, 8:08 pm
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Okay.  This post is completely random, but I feel compelled to do it anyway.  My son has some alphabet blocks.  They seem somewhat normal.  I believe that all of the letters are represented, but I’m not totally sure.  The set is old, and some are missing.  Anyway, in addition to having letters, the blocks also have pictures on them.  Most of the pictures are recognizable:

That’s a flower.  Got it.

That’s a duck.  So far…so good…

Okay, so this looks like a ship.

But, what is that?  Is that also some kind of boat????

Um…I guess that’s a house…but what the hell is coming off of the side?  Is that a chimney?  Ductwork???

Okay, so what’s that?  A horse?  Doesn’t it also look a little like a dinosaur at the head????

What about that one?  A dog?  Really?  Is that the best that they could do?  This last one is my favorite:

What IS that????  A seal? A cat with no ears?  WHAT????

I realize now that I’ve forgotten one that I meant to include.  If I remember, I’ll add it to the list.  I would appreciate any opinions, as I feel that my visual literacy may be seriously slipping here.  Also, if you feel that I have any of them upside down, etc., please let me know…

I’ll try to do a more compelling post next time…

[okay, here is the image I forgot to include before…see?  doesn’t THIS look sort of like a seal?  But doesn’t it look like it has both flippers, and feet????  Kind of like a seal / bird hybrid?  So, if this is more like a seal, then what was that previous block?]


Bazaar Bizarre in Boston
December 6, 2010, 4:51 pm
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So, this past Sunday, I went to the Bazaar Bizarre at the Cyclorama in Boston.  SO MUCH FUN!  I naturally wanted to buy everything, but I had to restrain myself.  Here were some talented people!  My favorite booths / people were:

The Spun Monkey – fabulous FELT!  Amazing roving!  Very nice people.  Here is their blog:

Raeburn Ink – amazing screenprinting apparel and sewn items.  The designer has just written a book!  I had to get a super cool cotton scarf with a hot pink screenprinted pattern on it.  The t-shirts were amazing too.  Here is her website:

I wonder if I will ever make it to a venue like that?  I’m sure that it’s super competitive to get in.  Most everything was top notch…and unique.  No boring Amy Butler baby bibs or anything.  Very cool calendars, jewelry, ceramics…ahhh.  I was in heaven.  Did anyone else go?  I think that there is a Bazaar Bizarre twice a year, so definitely go to the summer one!

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