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Don’t expect greatness this week…

I have no new drawings to show.  But, what I am missing in my own work…I plan to make up by my entertaining photos.  Guess what I bought this week????  Only the coolest thing on the planet:

Do you know what that is?  (besides the obvious…)  IT’S A PURSE!  I kid you not.  Can you see the two zippers?  Whoever came up with this idea…truly spoke to my soul.  Here it is OPEN:

Come on.  You love it, right?  It doesn’t NEED to open…but it does.  BRILLIANT!  Where did I get this fabulous item, you may ask?  From Dick Blick.  Seriously!  My kind brother and sister-in-law got me a gift certificate.  I’m sure that this is not what they imagined I would buy…but, in addition to some art supplies, I felt that this item was calling my name.  No, I’m not really hearing voices, but hasn’t a hamburger ever spoke to you?  Did I mention that I’m trying to be vegan?  Hmm.  Actually, it is kind of making me hungry looking at it…

Yesterday, I met with Erica Licea-Kane.  Besides being an accomplished artist, she is ALSO the director of the Towne Art Gallery at Wheelock College in Boston.  Do you know WHY I met with her?  BECAUSE I am going to be in a TWO person show this fall AT this gallery!  I kid you not.  I’m very excited.  Here is what the space looks like:

Pretty cool, right???  I’ll get the wall on the left.  I need thirteen drawings for this show.  Although I currently have twenty…the Concord Art Association is going to have ten of them at the time of the Towne Gallery Show.  SO…I need three more…PANIC.  I literally could not sleep last night stressing about this.  Why am I writing this post instead of drawing? Who knows.  Screwed up priorities, I guess. 

Speaking of drawings…this is the creation I made this week with my son:

He is obsessed with building demolition.  Every drawing that he makes is a building being demolished.  How did he get this idea, you ask?  Because, like the brilliant mom that I am…I show him videos of building demolition on You Tube.  This is one of his favorites.  Did you watch it?  I have seen that probably forty million times.  Anyway, it kind of leaves an impression, right?  So, those images are burned in my son’s mind.  Hence, this is what he draws:

Let me describe to you some of the objects that are falling off the side of the building: a square table, a round table, four table legs, plates, a pizza cutter, a mattress.  My son doesn’t know that people usually EMPTY a building before taking it down.  He imagines all of the contents falling out.  One drawback to this subject matter is that he tends to scribble all over the drawing to show the “dust” from the crumbling building.  I feel that too much “dust” on a drawing covers up all of the other brilliant things, so sometimes I have to try to distract him so that he won’t scribble all over the drawing before I can get my hands on it.

Here’s something that I keep thinking about.  I look at this drawing, and realize that his drawing ability (compared to other 4.5 yr olds) is not conventially “good.”  BUT…he loves drawing, and I think that his drawings are GREAT in their non-conventional way.  I fear that he will someday have an “art teacher” at school who will crush his enthusiasm by pointing out how is drawings aren’t “good” (i.e. realistic).  There are SOOOO many people who have had that experience.  I will have to have a heated parent/teacher conference if that happens to my son.  Heaven forbid.  Let’s hope that antiquated way of thinking has gone the way of the tsquare.  (btw…they still sell those at Dick Blick, just not in the same aisle as the hamburger purses…)

Just so you know…for the next two weeks, I’ll be in Seattle.  I can’t guarantee a blog post…but MAYBE if you’re LUCKY…i’ll post some Seattle pics.  That is IF I remember my camera…and IF my son does not smear saliva all over the lens again.  (btw…did I mention that it’s my birthday today?  Hence, I treated myself to that hamburger purse.  You know you want one.) Happy 4th!


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Your hamburger purse is heaven with a zipper! (two in fact)! I think it’s the ideal pre-40th birthday gift. I wish I had found it for you. I can’t believe you keep iMan from PBS but find implosion world ok…hmmm. I think he likes the idea of blowing up buildings because designing them used to suck all the life out of you.
Happy Bday, Z. Hope it was all that and a side of fries!!

Comment by Growing Muses

Thank you! I love my burger purse…I’m still deciding what to put in it, though. Suggestions? Ketchup packets?

Yes, we happily watch implosion world together. Mommy tells him about structural design and how what they are doing is very strategic/well engineered. Yes, mommy also likes watching the ugly buildings tumble down… 🙂

Comment by slightlywonky

Happy Birthday to you… etc etc You will have to hum the tune yourself.. But What is more wonderful than birthdays? An exhibition! CONGRATULATIONS!.. Wonderful news. and it looks a really interesting space….I guess you will be taking the drawing equipment to Seattle?? If not, why not? Thats what holidays are for after all.. I shall browbeat you from downunder..

Comment by Ruth

Thank you, Ruth! I am NOT bringing the drawing equipment to Seattle. I have no idea when I would get the chance to draw, as a vacation with a 4.5 yr old is really a “vacation” in a more theoretical sense. I real vacation would involve me under a shady umbrella on the beach somewhere with my stack of unread New Yorkers. I’ll just have to FOCUS when I get back. 🙂

Comment by slightlywonky

Oh, how a shady spot under the umbrella calls to me.. 4c and wet and windy here so not much chance.. Enjoy your break.. At least you should get some decent coffee…but don’t let 4 year old tear down too much of Seattle..

Comment by Ruth

Congratulations on the show! You’re doing SO well. Who is the other artist? It’s like a face-off. For some reason my mind is going to the dance-off in Starsky and Hutch. It will be nothing like that. Now I have to go look that up on YouTube. Oh wait, I’m at work.

Comment by Caitlin

Oi! Don’t stress me out like that!!!!!

Comment by slightlywonky

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