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First Friday & pear glare…
August 3, 2012, 4:56 pm
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So, tonight is “First Friday” in Boston.  As you likely know, this is when the galleries are all open late for people to come, look, socialize, and feel inadequate…(kidding, sort of…I may need to do some laundry today and locate a hairbrush…).  Most people head to 450 Harrison Avenue, where there is a glut of good galleries.  It’s kind of a fun and festive atmosphere…but it’s actually not great for seeing the art, as it tends to be crowded.  Because I spend too much time in the ‘burbs, I’m going to go ANYWAY.  I’ll try to conceal my suburban housewife-ness by NOT having any loud discussions about how my four-year old could do that, or how expensive Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers have become at Stop & Shop.  Are you depressed yet?  I just had to share the wealth…anyhoo, here’s what’s happening:

Bromfield Gallery is having works by Linda Klein and large scale prints by artists from Zea Mays.  I have taken a couple of printmaking workshops at Zea Mays (print studio in MA), so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this show.

Linda Klein

Howard Yezersky Gallery has an interesting show titled, Material Abstraction.  This is a group of “paintings” that hardly use any paint at all.  Hmm!  Sounds cool.

Carter Potter

Samson Projects is having a show of Steve Locke’s work.  These works seem interesting…almost like broken people scattered about a room…

Steve Locke

I’ll hopefully give you an update on what I liked…stay tuned!

As a side project, I’ve been helping a friend with some graphic design work.  Yes, I have some knowledge of Adobe InDesign.  No, I’m not helping you with your graphic design project…I’m pooped!  Here is the postcard that we made for his upcoming show in NYC:

George Oommen

And the back:

Yes, I know that his name is not centered on the grey rectangle…the card needed a bleed, and will be cropped slightly.  Sheesh!  Or, maybe you didn’t even notice that?  If so, I like you and need to have you over to my house more often.  You would likely be able to overlook the general chaos and disorder.  I suppose as long as you didn’t trip on anything /injure yourself /get a rash, my messiness could go unnoticed!  AND…I could put you to work by forcing you to wear THESE:

How did I manage to get that image into TWO blog posts?  I’m amazing, that’s how.  I plan to sew my son some pajamas made of Swiffer sheets, as a means to get more lazy housekeeping done. 

ANYWAY, George’s show will be at Agora Gallery in NYC, with the reception on November 8.  I’ll post this again when it’s closer to the date.  (George, be thankful that I’m not doing your PR).  You’ll recognize me at the opening because I’ll be the one wearing the plaid duster/slippers and sporting a Swiffer maxi dress.

My own work is chugging along.  I still can’t seem to take a decent photo of my drawings.  Either my head is casting a shadow on the drawing, or there is a glare from the light on the graphite.  Hmph! 

Hmm…do you think that I need to make it generally darker?  Perhaps so.  Or, is it just a lighting issue?  (I think it’s the glare on the pear that puts me in despair…yuk…yuk…yuk… clearly, too much My Fair Lady or Dr. Seuss on the brain.)  Actually, I think that I’ve just eaten too many wasabi peas today.  The drawing looks better in person, so I’m going to assign blame to the camera, and not my drawing.  I know.  I should run for politics.  But, who would vote for a suburban mom?  Wait…OTHER SUBURBAN MOMS!  I might be onto something here…I’ll start collecting signatures at Stop & Shop, shaking hands, and giving out bags of Goldfish crackers (which, will hopefully be on sale…score!) 

Now, if I can just dig my “mom jeans” out of the closet, I’ll be all set for First Friday…


More than I can chew…
April 14, 2012, 10:13 am
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Yes, you heard me.  This latest drawing that I am working on is an example of me having bitten of more than I can chew.  Because I am typically unhappy with a drawing until the final stages, I cannot bear to show you the “progress” images.  Needless to say, I’m going to be working on this one for awhile.  So, as I cannot entice you to read on with images of my own work…I’m going to digress into OTHER people’s work.

Last friday, a friend and I went to the South End’s “First Friday”, where all of the galleries are open for people to visit and schmooze.  As I hardly know anyone, I was more of the former than the latter.  I won’t go on about those that I didn’t like…but focus on one that I did.  I LOVED the work of Peter Opheim at Steven Zevitas Gallery.  Take a look:

You can see that this painting is enormous…8’x8′.  It is beautifully done…and so wry.  Opheim creates these little figures, and then does a painting of them.  In the press release, it states, “…Opheim’s paintings function as sculpture, and he does not consider them to be pictures.”  HMM!  I could sit here for an hour pondering that one…but I don’t know if I would have a profound thought in response.  HMM!  (just one of the reasons why I am not an art critic).  But, they aren’t sculptures, so what is there about the translation process from object to painting that is significant?  I feel that I am working on similar thoughts.  What is the difference between having full scale sculptures of these made, to having full scale color photos, to having these enormous paintings?  I find that kind of thing to be FASCINATING.  Overall, I found these paintings to be wonderful, humorous, and provocative.  Bravo!  Fimo elevated to Fine Art!  I love being “confronted” by these little creatures.  It’s as if a part of everyone’s childhood (unless you were allergic to clay, I suppose), has now come back to haunt us, or to make us wonder who we are.  Seriously!  I look at these and they immediately make me think, “who are we, really?”.  Don’t you think that they’re like contemporary fetishes? 

Maybe I need to cut back on the tofu again?

As I have none of my own work to show…I’m going to yet again showcase the work by my four-year old son.  This is a beach scene, I am told:

Don’t you love how ORDERLY it is?  Apparently, the tiny scribbles in the rectangles are items such as:  a beach umbrella, his swimsuit, my husband’s swimsuit, my swimsuit, etc.  I’m not sure where we are, but our clothes are there.  The complicated part at the bottom is some kind of mechanism, but I forgot what.  The other in this “series”:

I cannot remember what this is.  The top part may be an antenna, but I’m not sure.  Thoughts?  What would Freud say?  That I’m an awful mom?  I really hope not.  At least he’s not drawing those little crying faces in cages, as I showed in an earlier post.  Now, THAT was worrisome…

Yesterday, I went to visit the building that I worked on before I quit my job to be a better mom.  It was the ribbon cutting ceremony, so everyone who wasn’t involved in construction was getting to visit the building for the first time.

I was thrilled to see it complete.  Finally.  Every door was in place, every duct where it should be…and every detail realized.  I had a tremendous mix of emotions.  I was overjoyed to be finally walking around the building that I spent so many months slaving over.  But I also felt a great amount of sadness as well.

I felt sad that this was not my world anymore.  I felt sad that I had passed the construction of the project over to others.  I knew that it was in good hands…but I still handed it over…let it go.  There is nothing in architecture that is a solo endeavour.  Everything is accomplished by an enormous team of people…from the donors, to the institution, to the facilities department, to the architects…engineers…contractor…lighting designer…food service consultant…geotech…and the list goes on.  So, this isn’t “my” building by any stretch of the imagination.  Still, it feels like mine.  Only because I worked on it with every shred of my being that I had left after trying to be a reasonable wife and mother.   Every single thing…from a fire door, to an exhaust louver, to a wood ceiling, was a “labor of love” which took months to coordinate and design.  And here it is.  Finally done…both because of me, and in spite of my absence.

I look at it with extreme joy, but also with a heavy heart.


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