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Long prints…short legs…
May 5, 2011, 2:13 pm
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I’ve got some new prints.  I’m working LONG on Japanese paper.  I also did full bleed prints, which I like because you can be more loose about where the paper sits on the plate. 

Yes, it’s another grey day outside, with not much light.  Also, it was starting to rain as I took that photo, so I didn’t try to do a better job getting all of the sides to appear parallel.  (details…details…)  This one was somewhat successful.  I wonder, though, if in the end…it’s just too much.  Thoughts?  Detail:

Yes, perhaps a bit much.

The next print was going along pretty well…but then I printed some orange marks (the big loops in the middle), which I didn’t like the look of afterward.  I was trying to decide if this one is “done”.  I probably should consider it done, lest it gets “too much”, like the previous print.  My mother would say, “clarty”.


On the subject of moms…not only is it Mother’s Day on Sunday…but it’s also my mom’s birthday today.  Happy Birthday, Mom!  She recently gave me a couple of photos of me when I was little.  Does Photoshop have a “cute” filter?  I thought not.  Oh well.  Look at the drool!  Ech!

See that dazed expression?  I still do that.  Often.  At least the drooling has stopped.  Look at the double chin!  That’s gone too, thankfully.

Now, check out these gams!

Yes…my legs haven’t improved much either.  Sheesh.  At least I’ve given up on all white outfits…and frills.  No frills.

Happy Mom’s day to all!  My son naturally asked when it was “children’s day”.  I told him that it was his birthday.   I’m sure that he felt gypped.  Not to worry…he’s always scheming ways to get Grandma to buy him something.  She’s like putty in his tiny hand…


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