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Paint it black…CCAE print show
May 6, 2011, 3:00 pm
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So, yesterday was an interesting class with Christiane.  I showed her my two, long prints.  She helped me to improve them by giving them some focus.  She felt (and I agree), that they were too busy.  So, I reworked one of them…and painted it black!

Is it even recognizable as one of the prints from my previous post?  I am much happier with it, even though I had to obliterate most of the print.  But, we saved the good part, and got rid of the rest. 

Then, this morning…I did another one.  I think that this also has some potential:

It was hard to photograph these, as it’s a bit breezy…and they kept floating away.  I’m relatively happy with this one too.  The yellow bothers me a little… 

Here’s a detail:

This idea of obscuring part of the print is so interesting to me.  Not something that I had really thought of before.  It’s kind of like an eraser for printmaking…a good solution for my rather busy prints.  I’m going to keep this technique in my back pocket…

  Here they are together (inside…because of the wind…)

I had originally thought of them as horizontal, but now I like the vertical orientation.  Comments?  Love the black?  Hate the black?

There is a print show featuring Selma Bromberg at the Cambridge Center for Adult Ed, where she teaches.   This is my printmaking teacher.  In addition to showcasing her lovely work, there is also a part of the show that is student work.  Please come see it!

The reception and raffle for one of her prints is tonight.  Unfortunately…I can’t make it.  BUT…I have a print up at this show!  You can see all of the prints on this website.  I know…the only qualification I needed was to be/have been a student of hers.  But still!  I now have two print shows on my wafer thin resume!  This is the print that is up:

This is not a recent print, but one done at CCAE earlier this year.  I like it!  I like the layers, textures and colors…

Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday…Happy Birthday, John!  I hope that you’ve been wanting prints for your birthday…’cause I’ve got lots!  (JUST kidding) 😛


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