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Spontaneously summer
May 27, 2011, 2:46 pm
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Yes, welcome to New England!  As my husband just commented…we had weeks of cold, wet, 45 degree weather…yesterday was a lovely, sunny 70 degree day…and today it’s full sun and 90 degrees in the shade.  It feels scorching, as we’ve been living in terrarium conditions for so long.  I have to unexcavate my summer clothes from the attic…when the attic cools down to about 100 degrees sometime tonight.

I had a fun class last night.  My teacher/classmates were pushing the “restraint” theme in my work.  Here is the print that they love…and wouldn’t let me touch further:

See how subdued?  Quite a bit different than the clarty collages I posted recently.  He’s one that sort of struck a middle ground:

It’s still subtle, but has some carborundum craziness to it.  Christiane (teacher) showed me a great technique for blending the edges of colors on the plate, which helped tremendously.

Today, I printed a new carborundum/drypoint:

I am continuing to work on my drypoints, as was suggested by the reviewer from the DeCordova.  This one was a result of  hearing details about the capture of Mladic and the Serbian genocide.  I was horrified to hear not only how many adults were murdered, but how many children too.  It’s hard to even talk about such an atrocity, but I felt such pain thinking about all of the children who were caught up in the war.  This print was my thinking of the burdens that children are forced to bear, in spite of their innocence.

I know.  Dark stuff for a sunny Friday.  Here are some shots from our garden to lighten the mood.  I am seriously shocked that the bulbs that were planted last fall have actually grown.  I understand that this is what is SUPPOSED to happen, but I’m no gardener…and have little faith in it.

Isn’t that great?  Here’s another:

Have a lovely, Memorial Day weekend everyone!  We’re planning on eating lots of hot dogs.  Okay, let’s be honest here…I’M planning on eating lots of hot dogs.


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