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Small things in progress…
February 20, 2011, 4:24 pm
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Not much to show since my last post.  I have several things in progress.  Nothing remarkable, but it keeps me busy.  I’m working on a linocut.  I am now realizing that while I love the way block prints look…I find actually carving the block to be tedious.  I can only do it for a limited time before I get bored and have to do something else.  I think that this is because I’m impatient.  I want the image done NOW.  Having to wait while I carve it takes patience and perseverance. 

DOES ANYONE OUT THERE DO LINOCUTS?  If so…do you find the cutting of the block tedious?

(i do) 

Maybe I should just put on NPR, and the whole thing will go along more pleasantly…

The next images are of a watercolor and a trace monotype, which I’ll add watercolor to afterwards.  I like watercolor.  I don’t feel that it’s very easy, but I like blobbing around the transparent colors.  I know.  If I was doing a more complex picture, perhaps I would find it too hard to enjoy!  Perhaps I should try a still life, or something.  I’m certainly not doing anything en plein air.  My paint would freeze.  Yes, the warm weather is long gone…this morning it was a chilly 19 degrees. 19 DEGREES!!!

I’m lukewarm about this trace monotype too.  The picture is of the back of the paper.  I almost feel like the pencil drawing on the back is more interesting.  I’ll see how it goes…I may have needed the ink to be darker.  Who knows.  You can let me know your thoughts when I finish it…

This is a bit of a random post.  Here’s a paper cut that I did ages ago. 

Papercutting is kind of interesting.  It has tons of possibilities.  Once again, I think that the process of cutting the paper is not as much fun as other stuff.  It’s much easier than hacking into that lino block, though…I can see getting carpal tunnel from that.

This is school vacation week.  We’ll have all the kids home quite a bit.  I have a feeling that I’m not going to get much done, other than making meals/cleaning up from meals/putting away toys/tripping over toys/passing out on the couch from sheer exhaustion, etc.  I’m going to have to try to do artistic things while managing the household…you know: dust kitty sculptures, junk mail collages, spilled cereal installation art…the usual…


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I contrast to you I quite like the carving ( may be because of my eralier profession?) I find it helps you to stay concentradted ,focused and to reevaluate some of the spontaneous plans to the better.
But please do keep on experimenting.

Comment by Ole Skat Nielsen

Thanks so much for your comment! Yes, it does require a lot of concentration and focus. Perhaps it’s working in the negative that I need to get used to. I’m more accustomed to making marks, instead of removing them. I do think block prints are beautiful. I should really persevere!

Comment by slightlywonky

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