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Buried alive
February 3, 2011, 11:13 am
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The snow is…ridiculous.  I have done nothing productive this week…on account of the blizzard/ice storm/feverish & snotty preschooler.  I have some pictures of the snow nonsense to make all of you not in the area cackle with schadenfreude.  I’m glad that I also got a parking ticket the other night for being PARKED IN MY DRIVEWAY.  Apparently, I was interfering with snow removal.  Maybe we should have our driveway shortened.  I wonder if the telephone poles nearby also got a ticket, as they are as close to the road as my car is…

I will hopefully make it to my TWO art classes this week.  I may actually be able to do something productive, besides shoveling, cleaning up, being Big Bird, cooking, reading stories, and general domestic nonsense.

The igloo:

my husband’s car:

our street:

the neighbor’s house:

our house:

Okay.  So, I have done some work.  Here are a couple of drypoint plates in progress.  They may be printed tonight.  Right now, my son is laughing to himself.  I have  him home because he’s “sick”.  I must go check and see what destruction is afoot…


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