slightly wonky

A break in the clouds…

Today, an odd thing occurred…I was driving along the highway, and, for a brief minute or two, there was sunshine.  But this didn’t look like winter sunshine.  It looked like spring/summer sunshine.  I actually had a momentary feeling of it being summer.   HOW BIZARRE.  I’m sure that you know what I mean…there is just a feeling associated with each season.  It was so strange to have that feeling of summer for a minute or two, in spite of the fact that it’s February and we’re up to our armpits in snow.  It was like a deja vu: “Oh…this is so familiar, yet weird…”  I know.  Just keep my eyes on the road and pay attention!  But still…it was SO nice!  I wish that it didn’t disappear…

Well, I’m still experimenting.  I’m starting to feel that I need to work on something “bigger”.  Everything that I do has just been little sketches.  Perhaps I need to try to tackle something…MORE.  Who knows what that means.  Can one get loopy from the smell of ink?  gum arabic?  banana bread?  (I made some yesterday). 

Here are some of my latest sketches.  I’m trying to think of things to potentially make a solar plate from.  The black and white ink sketches are some thoughts.  The color image is my first pronto print at home!  Yay!  It sort of worked!  It’s one of those procedures that is a bit temperamental.  The first few prints went well…then for some reason, things started to not work well.  The ink wouldn’t stick to the plate, so that later prints are more faint.  Sigh.  Well, not bad for my first at-home attempt.

Did anyone else see that sunshine today?  It was hovering over route 95 in Waltham…


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