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Losing my grip on reality…

Well, this just about does it.  Apparently, we are getting MORE snow.  I’ve heard between 4 and…21 inches??? What kind of estimate is THAT?  Anyway, all of this snow has put me over the deep end.  I’m bracing myself for two days of winter ugliness.  My husband has possibly embraced this whole snow thing more than I have…this is the IGLOO in our front yard that he built for my son:

Yes, you know it’s bad when you have an igloo on your front lawn.  Hey, at least I’m not LIVING in an igloo.  Sometimes, I am so cold in the house that it feels like an igloo.  I’ve typed the word, “igloo” so many times now, that it’s starting to look weird.  Hence, I am losing my grip on reality with all of this ice-hut-building/snowball-eating/northeast-cursing/blood vessel-bursting/stir-crazy/cabin-fever weather.

I’m trying to fight S.A.D. by using obnoxious colors.  I’m not sure that it’s working for me.

Do any of you remember the toy, “Rainbow Brite“?  I feel like I’m channeling her…

These are my neurons when I heard that we were getting more snow…

Now, I’m completely regressing…

I did this ages ago, and never wanted to post it.  Well…I think that this is the time to post such randomness…

If this week is a series of snow days…you may not hear from me in awhile.  I’ll be holding a plastic Elmo figurine and mumbling to myself in the corner of the room while my son asks me to “make Elmo talking…”


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This is my all time favorite post. It was laugh-out-loud funny (and I’m in for the same damn blizzard, hey, that rhymes with lizard, perhaps you should do a series with that instead of the chicken)…I also love all three of the pieces (I don’t love the twigs knitting so much but I get where it’s coming from). At least you’re staying true to your blogging fans and artistic endeavors. I’m so defeated by the snow and viruses that I’ve all but closed shop. I hung a sign in the window that says: gone ice fishing. (I’ll be back when I defrost).Hang in there chicky!!

Comment by growingmuses

Yeah, I could leave all three pieces. Well, I kind of like the chicken. The others are, “blech! plech!”

Comment by slightlywonky

i am picturing you rocking back in forth like the good old days:) love the igloo and your paintings. looks like you’re having fun eventhough you’re going mad….

Comment by Le Vu

Going mad is right…and it’s only Feb. 1! You are SOOO lucky to be in sunny CA! I suggest buying stock in icemelt producers and snowplow manufacturers…

Comment by slightlywonky

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