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More primordial prints…
January 20, 2011, 3:44 pm
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I’m still on this microcosm theme.  Tiny things…organisms…swirling around together…there’s something about imagining that miniscule world that is fascinating.  We all rush around in cars, in subways…talking, laughing, frowning…and the whole time there are little worlds like this bumping around…inside of us?  (Hopefully not on the grab bar on the subway…gross!)  I remember peering into microscopes in high school, searching for that paramecium or ameoba.  The ameobas were slow, but the parameciums could really move!  Sometimes, we’d have to stain the solution that they were in, so that they were more easily seen.  I guess these are the types of images I have in my head…peering and searching, appearing and disappearing…

So, this evening is one of my first printmaking classes!  I am very excited.  I am somewhat concerned, though, as there is no materials list.  I’ve never had an art class with no materials list, so I’m hoping that all the materials will be supplied.  If not, I’ll be bummed..either because I don’t have what is needed, or because we are just going to TALK the entire first class, which is NOT ideal.  I know.  Some talking is good.

I had lunch today with an ex-colleague.  She’s wonderful, and it was great to catch up.  It was definitely STRANGE to walk into my old office.  Everyone is SO nice there, so it isn’t because I didn’t like being there.  It’s just so odd to walk in as a spectator, not a participant.  I remember the intensity of my existence there.

Wish me luck on my class tonight.  I found a lovely poem about being a beginner:

If the Angel

deigns to come

it will be because

you have convinced

her, not by tears but

by your humble resolve to be always

beginning: to be a




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