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Help me decide…
January 3, 2011, 8:08 pm
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Okay. (do I start every post that way?).  I’m trying to decide if I need to publish what I produce in regards to this 365 project.  Bascially, I see several “cons” to posting every day:

1.  I may end up posting a lot of bad stuff, as I’m not editing my 365 creations.  So, I’m concerned that my posts will be bogged down with really ugly stuff (more so than usual…don’t laugh), which would be depressing for me and anyone else looking at this blog.

2.  I worry that it’s kind of annoying to post every day.

3.  I don’t think that it’s good to post the same day that I make my 365 creation, as this forces me to photograph at night, which I hate.

So, I’m kind of thinking that I’ll still make something every day…but I don’t know that it’s a good idea to share that!  Wouldn’t it be better to have fewer, better posts than lots of so-so posts?  WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Should I post what I make every day, or shall I just post every so often, when I feel that I have something reasonable to show????  Yes, I’m asking you!  Tell me!

I took these photos today…I’m not posting my 365 creation, as I haven’t done it yet!!!


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