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Slow and snowy week…
January 28, 2011, 4:20 pm
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This week I had TWO printmaking classes!  Yes, I know.  I am so lucky.   I am also so grateful!

In one class, we experimented with trace monotypes.  This is where you ink up a plate, gently lay a paper on top of the plate, then rub/draw/scribble on the paper, thus picking up the ink from the plate underneath.  This can have cool results…some of my previous posts have some of these monotypes.  However, a lot of it has to do with getting the ink consistency perfect on the plate.  My attempts during my class on Thursday night did not yield the results that I’d hoped for…sigh.  Back to the drawing board, or printing plate, or whatever…

In my second class, we are doing solarplate etching.  This is using a copper plate coated with a light sensitive emulsion.  You create  an image on acetate, then put the acetate on the plate, expose the plate to UV light, and then the image is “burned” onto the plate.  When you print this plate (intaglio), you smush ink into the recesses of the plate, and wipe of the excess.  Then, the ink in the recesses gets printed.  Neat!  We only managed to make some test plates today.  No printing until next week.

 So, in spite of the fact that I did have two classes this week, I haven’t a lot to show for myself.  Did I mention that we also had a snow day?  Below, you’ll see how our outdoor table looks, and the lego creation that my son made on our snow day…

I’m in one of those phases when I have an expansive awareness of how much I don’t know, and how little experience I have in printmaking.  I hope that there is a place for me in this art world…it’s hard not to be overwhelmed with other people’s talents.  I know…you’ve got to start SOMEWHERE…I’m trying not to feel that I should just stick to architecture, or finger paints, or lego…

Can you BELIEVE this snow???  Doesn’t this look ridiculous???

The lego creation in process…very 2D…

This is what my solarplates look like…you can barely see that there are marks on them…

And some other sketchy stuff that I kept myself busy with…

Sometimes, I wonder if I should just stick to drawing!  Or maybe architecture…this is what I used to do…

Hmmm.  I remember that world…no room for errors…lots of information/people/details to manage…nice people…lots of stress, though…LOTS of it.  Things are still stressful in my new situation, but they aren’t unhealthy.  Plus, I get to see my family!  🙂


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That was a very honest, raw post. You successfully talked about, showed us and analyzed your process. I know that different people have eyes for different mediums but I really think you have a great talent for sketching; a symbiosis of architectural drawing and free-form. Perhaps printing feels so good to you right now because it is such a divergence from your former self but the work I’ve enjoyed seeing the most to date is your sketches and watercolors. Could you perhaps explore those in a little more detail too?

You’re right, the table looks ridiculous, in fact, everything outside looks ridiculous. You should view your classes as mini-staycations instead of occasions of defeat and despair. Thanks for sharing!

Comment by growingmuses

Yes, perhaps I’ll pull out the watercolors again…it’s been a while. Thanks for your thoughts! I REALLY appreciate it!!!

Comment by slightlywonky

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