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50 degrees in February
February 15, 2011, 1:11 pm
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Yesterday was a fabulously warm day.  My son and I took several walks to soak up some sun and work on our vitamin D levels.  It felt amazing to be out in the warm air.  I was tempted to open all the windows in the house, but then I thought that might be premature. 

Everything feels like it’s slow going.  Every day, I hope for something I do to be “the thing”.  By this I mean, “MY thing”.  So far, what I’ve done puts a furrow in my brow.  Sigh.  Just the reality of where I am, and where I am not in my creative endeavours.  I love seeing inspiring works by other people.  On the other hand, it often leaves me with a bit of a pit in my stomach…knowing that I couldn’t possibly do what they do.  I know.  It’s supposed to be that way.  I have to do what I do.  BUT WHAT IS THAT?  I wish that I knew…

Here are some odds and ends from the past week.  Any comments?

I know.  My search to figure out what to do will be a lifelong one.  At the same time, so many people have figured out “what” their art is all about.  I’m not there yet.  It feels like it’s taking forever to figure out.


Slow and snowy week…
January 28, 2011, 4:20 pm
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This week I had TWO printmaking classes!  Yes, I know.  I am so lucky.   I am also so grateful!

In one class, we experimented with trace monotypes.  This is where you ink up a plate, gently lay a paper on top of the plate, then rub/draw/scribble on the paper, thus picking up the ink from the plate underneath.  This can have cool results…some of my previous posts have some of these monotypes.  However, a lot of it has to do with getting the ink consistency perfect on the plate.  My attempts during my class on Thursday night did not yield the results that I’d hoped for…sigh.  Back to the drawing board, or printing plate, or whatever…

In my second class, we are doing solarplate etching.  This is using a copper plate coated with a light sensitive emulsion.  You create  an image on acetate, then put the acetate on the plate, expose the plate to UV light, and then the image is “burned” onto the plate.  When you print this plate (intaglio), you smush ink into the recesses of the plate, and wipe of the excess.  Then, the ink in the recesses gets printed.  Neat!  We only managed to make some test plates today.  No printing until next week.

 So, in spite of the fact that I did have two classes this week, I haven’t a lot to show for myself.  Did I mention that we also had a snow day?  Below, you’ll see how our outdoor table looks, and the lego creation that my son made on our snow day…

I’m in one of those phases when I have an expansive awareness of how much I don’t know, and how little experience I have in printmaking.  I hope that there is a place for me in this art world…it’s hard not to be overwhelmed with other people’s talents.  I know…you’ve got to start SOMEWHERE…I’m trying not to feel that I should just stick to architecture, or finger paints, or lego…

Can you BELIEVE this snow???  Doesn’t this look ridiculous???

The lego creation in process…very 2D…

This is what my solarplates look like…you can barely see that there are marks on them…

And some other sketchy stuff that I kept myself busy with…

Sometimes, I wonder if I should just stick to drawing!  Or maybe architecture…this is what I used to do…

Hmmm.  I remember that world…no room for errors…lots of information/people/details to manage…nice people…lots of stress, though…LOTS of it.  Things are still stressful in my new situation, but they aren’t unhealthy.  Plus, I get to see my family!  🙂

Slow days when it’s too cold to type…
January 25, 2011, 4:49 pm
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I was about to write, “it’s amazing how much frozen water can disrupt everything”, but then I thought of the Titanic.  Hmm.  Makes our perpetual cocoon of snow seem less formidable.

It’s hard to keep a schedule now.  Snow days abound.  Our thermometer read -6 degrees one morning this week.  15 degrees is starting to feel pretty good, and 32 is positively balmy.

I hope that in spite of the snow, I can make it to my two classes this week.  I can see why taking classes in the winter can be a bit of a challenge.  But, the light outside can be so great!  When the sun is setting…all of those mounds of snow glow with a pinkish light, while the shadows remain a purplish-blue.  Throw in some black, jagged branches, and you have quite a scene!  I’ll try to remember to take a picture.

I’m continuing with my printmaking.  I worked with the new brayer technique that I was shown in my last class.  The teacher actually paints/draws like this.  In fact, during class she “drew” a remarkable hummingbird with her brayer.  (A brayer is a hard, rubber roller used to apply ink).  Pretty amazing.  I like working with lots of layers of ink.

I would LOVE to own a press someday.  I know…dream on.  They are $$$$.  The images are just so much more saturated and crisp when you use a press, instead of hand burnishing/rubbing the back of the paper.  If you know of someone who is somehow TIRED of their exquisite press, and would like to see it go to a good home…let me know.

Here’s my recent work…stay warm!


It feels like such a relief for me to be taking a break from straight lines, clean drawings, neat everything…In architecture, drawings are legal documents, or instructions.  No extraneous or unclear information should be provided.  CLARITY.  Well, obviously…these kinds of drawings/prints have an entirely different purpose.  How refreshing!

Art A.D.D.

So, I managed to get a bunch of stuff done before the weekend.  I probably won’t get much time to work on stuff until next Tues.  Yes, this stuff is “all over the map”.  Think of it as a pu-pu platter of attempts. 

I keep thinking that I need to make a more coherent set of things.  Then, I get distracted and want to try something new.  Thus, the randomness of it all.

I’m not going to post every day.  While I’m still working on my 365 projects, I’m not going to barrage you with posts.  It’s too exhausting for everyone…well, mostly me.

So, if any of you have some thoughts on this stuff, I’d love to hear it.  Even if you tell me NOT to EVER do that again…at least I’ll have some feedback.  Right now, I am kind of working in a bubble.  I am trying to investigate ways to possibly get some feedback from people.  So, until I figure that out, this is my forum for comments!

I’ll stop rambling now, as my hands are too cold to type, and just show you my stuff.  I kind of like this one:

a detail of the above print:

another similar one…I like the colors, but the design is so-so:


this one was not good, and i couldn’t save it:

and a detail:

at last…something recognizable! no, it’s not me…:


And now for something completely different…a pencil drawing:


I liked this drawing, so I made a print of it:


And I made another little book!  This one is about winter:


even CLOSER:

Whew!  Okay, that’s it for this week.  Seriously.  Speaking of winter, my hands are so cold that I can barely type.  We’re supposed to get snow this weekend too…brrrrr!  Have a good weekend!

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