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Quick collage – an exercise in excess
August 12, 2011, 3:58 pm
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Another minor milestone…we have the dehumidifier running away happily in the basement.  Ahh…the sweet sound of dehumidification…

So, my woodblock printmaking teacher has kindly agreed to let me use her studio on occasion.  How nice!!!  I’m excited at the prospect of working away at my own pace, and printing every once in a while, when I’m ready.  Carving takes so long…it’s hard to rush through a block every week.

I did a quick collage.  Umm…I have to work on my “editing”.  I have yet to learn, “less is more”.  Just be thankful that there’s no glitter on this thing:

Yes, I have even taken some of my son’s artwork and melded it into this.  My next endeavour may have to be a move towards minimalism.  I clearly have A LOT of work to do in that area.  This is a frequent challenge for me.

I know.  Minimalism is so hard.  Why can’t I just pile up a bunch of cinderblocks like Carl Andre, and just call it a day?  I know…I know…it’s all been done before..



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Maybe collage is a bit like packing for a trip away.. The best advice I ever had was to pack then divide it in two and only take half. Works for me but I must admit I have never tried it with collage!
How I envy you your new work space.. My spare room, not very big is office and studio combined and the kitchen/ dining room table is never clear of art stuff.. Yesterday oil paintings, today sewing machine… this evening, maybe dinner…

Comment by Ruth

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