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Pronto plates…revisited
August 3, 2011, 4:59 pm
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So, I just finished up a one-day visit with Annie Silverman, a printmaker in Somerville.  She is holding a four-day intensive, but I could only attend for one!  Anyway, she sometimes uses pronto plates in her printmaking.  I had a tutorial last year in using pronto plates for printing, but I still felt that it was somehow more difficult than it was supposed to be.  So, I was really excited to take Annie’s class, and to get another try at learning this type of printing.

Pronto plates, or “polyester plate lithography”, is a sort of poor man’s lithography.  Real lithography uses a massive stone…marks are made on the stone, the stone is wet, ink is rolled on the stone, then paper is laid on top and the whole thing is run through a litho press.  Pronto plates are thin, plastic-like sheets of paper that you can mark on in the same way as you’d mark a litho stone, but you can easily run these thin plates through a typical etching press.  I have also printed them by hand at home, but this is obviously less successful than with a press.

ANYWAY, this type of printing can be fun and “collage-like”.  You can keep layering on the images.  Here are some of my things from this tutorial:

You’ll see a repeat of the imagery throughout these prints:

This next one needs more:






My teacher liked the last one.  I tried to be a bit restrained, and I think that it turned out well.  Some of the marks were made from an ink drawing that I scanned…some were from floor wax…some were from a pen drawing…and some were from a ballpoint pen.  Interesting, right?

This is actually the second time that I am writing this post, as wordpress decided to throw out 75% of the post the first time that I wrote it.   Grrr.  Technology…grrr.

So, what do you think of these prints?  Thumbs up?  Down?  More sheep needed????


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