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June 23, 2011, 8:36 am
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I have a few new, drypoint prints to show.  These are a bit different that the woodcuts that I just posted.  I got some positive feedback on the woodcuts…so, what do you think about these prints?  Comments?  Do you like the woodcuts better, or are these interesting in their own way?  Feedback, please!

I’m going to post them in the order that I made them.  I really liked how this one above turned out.  The odd, prickly image is a magazine clipping of a strange sea creature.  I loved how it looked, so I thought that it would look cool incorporated into a print.  This odd sea creature is making me think of my odd plant woodcut.  Maybe there is actually a theme here.  Next print:

I also like this one.  I like the punchy, graphic quality with the scratchy marks.  I may do more like this one.  Next:

You can see the red plate printed again here on another magazine scrap.  I thought that the vertical arrangement in the photo of the people worked well with the long plate.  I think that this one initially looks abstract, until you notice that there are figures in the print.  Next:

I was on the fence about this print above.  I wondered if it was too “even”, without any focus.  Someone in my print class thought that it was nice, but does anyone else have a comment?  As this is not a big print, perhaps it doesn’t need much more.  The print size is only 3″ wide x 7.5″ tall…thoughts?

It’s so hard to decide what kind of printmaking to do.  I loved the woodcuts, but I also like doing these intaglio prints.  I feel that I should have a certain aesthetic that I build on, but you can see that my aesthetic thus far is rather varied.  I suppose only time will tell, right?

Any artist out there have a suggestion on how you narrowed down your focus to get a unified body of work? 

Any non-artist have thoughts on this as well?



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Hi Elizabeth!
It’s Barbara from your printmaking class. I have to say that I just love the vertical print on the magazine print of people (dancing?). I didn’t even see you print that one in class–fabulous! As for focus and direction– ya, I might not be a good one to ask! It’s so refreshing to visit your blog. Your work looks great. But I especially wanted to let you know that I’m crazy about the combined woodblock print (the organic one mixed with the architectural one). Wow, that is such a great print. I’d love to see it. Keep up the great work. By the way, how many art classes are you taking? Well done.
See you next week,
Barbara Ishikura

Comment by barbaraishikura

Barbara!!! Great to hear from you!!! Thanks so much for your feedback! Yes, I like the woodblock print too. I think that I’ll try printing it again. Right now, I’m taking one other printmaking class (the one with the woodcut). I just took a great weekend collage class, but that was just for the weekend…boo hoo! See you on Wednesday!!! Thanks SO much for checking in on my blog!

Comment by slightlywonky

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