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Dreamy arty weekend…
June 26, 2011, 11:01 pm
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So, I had an AMAZING weekend collage workshop with Alexandra Sheldon, an artist in Cambridge.  I had such a blast.  Thanks to the kindness of my DH, I was able to go.  (thankyouthankyouthankyou).  Alexandra focuses on the creation of collage material, as well as the actual making of collages.  I’m not sure what I enjoyed the most:  mixing up a color palette of bright paints…learning all sorts of crazy ways to make cool collage material…furiously working on collages…or generally yakking away about life in general.  It was such a ridiculous treat for me.  The other women in the class were fabulous.  I learned so much from everyone…each person’s work was so fantastic…and different.  We all had such a good time that we’re trying to get together again as a group!  I hope that I can go.

So, I have quite a few collages from the weekend.  Some of them happened somewhat quickly…some of them took a long time.  I couldn’t tell you how long, as I was sort of in a collage trance as I was working on them.  Here’s the first one:

 Kind of cute, right?  It always takes me ages to get “warmed up”.  If I compare this to the last collages that I made in the one other course that I took with Alexandra, I think that I already made some progress.  You can check an older post to see the previous ones.  Then, I started to work on bigger collages…it’s hard to tell here, as I shrink them down to fit the page…

That one was a real struggle for me at a certain point.  I was trying to push myself to use found materials as well, but it was making me so stuck.  Alexandra suggested that I go back to my own papers.  This helped me get though being stuck, I added the enormous orange rectangle on the collage, and felt MUCH happier with it.  After that, I pretty much didn’t get myself bogged down with trying to use found materials.  Some people in the class were very good at using found stuff…but I had a harder time with it.  I think that I did this one next:

I really like this one.  I love the colors that I made, and the crazy textures that we experiemented with were really fun.  Next:

Again, I love the color combo.  I find these so much fun to make.  I can totally get into that art-trance, and I’m happy as a clam.

That one might be my favorite.  It took quite a long time, relatively speaking.  I just like it.

We also tried to do several fast collages…just to work as intuitively as possible.  I find this really hard, as it does take me time to get warmed up.  I’m not as crazy about these ones:


These are back to the small size, as I didn’t know if I could do a big one in 15 minutes.  They were so-so.  After these two, I went back to the larger size.   Here is my attempt to keep things simple:

Well, I was trying to keep it simple, but I have a tendency not to do that well.  I did manage to stop myself before things got too clarty.  Then, I switched to a horizontal format:

I liked this, and I felt that it was taking me in a new direction.  I kept going with this direction and got this:

I was happy with these, as I felt that I had shifted into something different than before.  I’m not sure if that’s evident to you, but for me there was a change.  Then, I started getting very layered with textures and image transfers:

Image transfers are taking a printed image and using matte medium to get the picture to transfer onto another surface.  This was initially hard for me, again because I struggle with found imagery.  But, once I started layering the transfers, then I was much happier.  This was the last complete one that I did.  This next one I didn’t finish, but I’m including anyway…

It’s blah and not done, but I’d thought that I’d post everything from the weekend.

Comments?  I have the distinct feeling that the general population is not keen on collages.  I asked my DH what he thought of them, and if he wasn’t keen on them either…he admitted that he did think that they were “random”.  Sigh.  I appreciate the honesty.  Here’s my dilemma:  I like doing these, but I wonder if I’m the only one who likes them?  I know that my friend, KP, is not too keen on collages either (right???).  I asked my DH if he would like these more if they were paintings instead.  He wasn’t sure.  I have a feeling that he would!  Again, I have this sense that people can’t see beyond the fact that collages are made of pieces of paper.  Yes, I do recognize that it could really just be MY collages that are the issue.  Hmmm.

So, does anyone out there have any thoughts on collage in general?  Is it really a medium that either resonates with people, or leaves them cold?  Thoughts?


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