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Trace monotypes
April 10, 2011, 8:27 pm
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Today, I took a great class with Joyce Silverstone.  We focused on trace monotypes, which is something that she incorporates into her work (which is outrageously beautiful).  Apparently, Paul Klee often used this technique.  You can see an example of his work here.  How it’s done:  you basically ink up a plate, gently lay a piece of either blank or previously printed paper on top, then use any sort of tool to make marks on the back of the paper.  The paper is pushed against the inked plate, and will pick up the ink, where you apply pressure with a tool (pencil, finger, anything!).  It seems that Klee would often watercolor these trace monotypes.  We just printed other layers of color on our drawings.

Here is my first print…I was relatively happy with it:

I liked the little yellow boxes…This next print didn’t start out well, but I worked to improve it:

 I am now more happy with it.  It could probably do with more attention, but I stopped to work on other prints.   Here’s the next one:

I think that I’m content with it.  While I think that on it’s last pass through the press, I “equalized” the color more…which wasn’t so great…but I created the abstract yellow marks, which were what I intended.  The last print:

I like this one too.  I had some technical troubles with some of the white lines.  If I had had more time, I would have worked on improving them.  But, it was the last print that I was working on, so I think that it is complete enough for now.  You may notice that elements of one print sort of show up in another print.  I sort of worked on all four prints simultaneously, so they all influenced each other.   It was also really great to see what other people in the class did…so inspiring.

All in all…it was a very fun day.  Plus, I got a Happy Meal for dinner…what more could a person want?  Well, one of those Takach presses would be nice, but a Happy Meal fits my budget more.  (Anyone have a press that they are “tired” of?  I can promise it a good home!)  🙂


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wow, there’s such an evolution from the first to the fourth print. The final is so refined; the first, so raw.

I think I might want your life. Well, OK, so I’m not at all artistic but the idea of having my children in care and being able to pursue classes in my subject of passion sounds so divine! How do yo manage? When do you see your husband? Does it feel balanced? Inquiring minds want to know…Also, did you give your Happy Meal toy to your wee sprocket?

Comment by growingmuses

My wee sprocket did get the plastic, skateboard-riding parrot that came with my meal. It also plays annoying music, so it may have to disappear soon.

I DO have a luxury life! Well, mostly…I love printmaking! Just think of it as “going back to school” for a new profession…I can try to train myself to be a printmaker, but it makes sense to seek expert advice. No matter what other thing I would be transitioning to…chef, entrepreneur, writer…you need some training, right? You’ve got a master’s in journalism…your hubby has an MBA…see? I’m just a bit old to be changing tack. Oh well! Better late than never!

Comment by slightlywonky

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