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This stuff is not making me happy
December 23, 2010, 1:38 pm
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Okay.  Today, I’m not liking how anything is turning out.  Sigh.  I have visions of grandeur, only to be squashed by reality.  I’m still working with these new, water-based inks.  I only have three colors, so I’m finding the palette to be a bit limited.  I know…I should be able to mix ANY color from yellow, red and blue.  This is probably true, but I can’t seem to do that.  So, if you wonder why the color palette with all of these is similar, this is why.  I can’t tell if I should list the images from bad to worse?  Perhaps not.  Maybe I’ll put the worst one somewhere in the middle, in an attempt to “bury” it.  I’m putting this ink away for the time being…until I feel that I can muster the strength to possibly produce more ugly things.

This one is a composite of the previous prints…I just started looking the shapes, and decided to make a “collage” of them.

and a detail:

Now, some of the more recent (icky) prints:

And the “ghost” print:

I know.  Blech.  Here the WORST one:

I know.  Why bother?  SERIOUSLY.  It’s hard to bounce back from some of these prints.  At least the next ones are kind of punchy/fun:


And the other one:


Lucky for me, I’m taking some printmaking classes next year.  Thank goodness!!!  Do I need help, or WHAT?  Not that these teachers can be miracle workers, but I have high hopes. 

 Tomorrow is going to be Christmas Eve craziness around the house.  Makes me want to hide somewhere…with a latte.  Okay.  That sounds rather scrooge-y.  I’ll think positively, and hope that I can somehow get a nap in tomorrow…AFTER my latte.  

I’m going to check out Keri Smith’s blog now, as her stuff always is funny and inspiring.  You should look at it too!  Especially those of you who feel that you may be in some kind of rut…she’ll give you lots of ideas to try something different.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE OUT THERE! 😛


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OK, so here’s my comment: first of all, if you’re going to use hyper links, PLEASE don’t always take me to Wikipedia (it makes me feel like I’m in high school…even though it was so totally not even an idea way back then). Like for Keri Smith, why not link to her blog (also called a ping back)…just a thought. Also, I really like some of these prints. You are WAY too hard on yourself. The first one reminds me of those terrific crayon drawings that you paint over with black paint and then scratch designs into (you know, the one’s we all did as kids). The next one (which I really like) reminds me of Monet in his near blind stage of painting when he did some of his best Waterlilies and the one below that reminds me of something from Leo Lionni.

Comment by Growing Muses

I didn’t even know HOW to link to her blog! That’s why I put her in my blogroll. I need some blog-tech training…I know. Thanks for the good ideas! I’ll try to learn how to incorporate your suggestions!

Comment by slightlywonky

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