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New ink
December 21, 2010, 11:31 am
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So, I’ve got some new ink.  I like it!  It’s this non-toxic stuff that cleans up pretty easily.  Which is good, as I tend to get it all over my hands.  I’m pretty good about wearing gloves for awhile…but then I always end up throwing them on the table and just getting my hands inky.  So, as I’ve mentioned previously, I have a hard time keeping my hands looking somewhat reasonable.

This is sort of an odd, cartoonish series.  Not sure where I’m going here.  I was thinking of children’s drawings, but then with an adult mind and the heaviness that it brings.  I may try a different paper, as this one is quite bumpy (toothy?)  Hmm…I was initially thinking that these were neat, but now I’m not so sure…


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These are so great!! So unusual and beautiful colors!

Comment by Jean Kostojohn

Thanks so much! They are a bit cartoonish, but we’ll see how things go…

Comment by slightlywonky

SEE!! I told you you have a future in children’s book illustrating. You’re a natural! Though the last one, where the giant green piranha is crushing him and he’s lying in a pool of…(let’s hope it’s ink) is a little Edward Gorey-ish, but hey, I love Edward Gorey!

Comment by Growing Muses

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