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felting…MUCH improved
November 18, 2010, 8:16 pm
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Thanks to my mother’s cousin (I believe), Ruth, in Australia, my felting today went MUCH better than yesterday.  I mean  MUUUUCH better.  It’s smooth…the colors are nice…so, I haven’t lost faith in felting as a result.  It might be the only way that I get some exercise, so maybe I should keep it up!  Ruth provided me with some very helpful tips.  I have seen her felting, which is lovely, so it was great to get her help.

Now that I’m doing printmaking…working with dyes…(more on that later), my hands are looking kind of gross.  I mean, the edges of some of my fingernails are an odd bluish color.  How gross is that?  It’s so hard to get off.  I always wonder if people think that I don’t bathe, or something, because my hands look so…colorful.  Also, I always manage to cut myself in some way.  Who knows.  I know…that’s impossible to do from felting, so I must have done it when making dinner.


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OK, so now that I understand felting a little better (thanks for the link) I guess the woman I know from Maddy & Me does fulling because she definitely uses an old center agitator washing machine to do it…very easy for her I and she’s definitely not jacked…keep it up, you are a former AA head (ah, think of the scandal this comment will cause when you’re famous someday ;o)

Comment by growingmuses

Ohhh…her stuff was so nice! Yeah, this is the “old fashioned/elbow grease” method. um…just to clarify for everyone…AA is not alcoholics anonymous, it’s “athletic association” from our ancient highschool days…which is making me feel old right now…

Comment by slightlywonky

incidentally, maybe you’re next blog post could be titled: “I’ve got a Felting…that today’s going to be a great, great day!”

Comment by growingmuses

I’m coming to you for all of my titles from now on.

Comment by slightlywonky

When are we getting together to celebrate your birthday????

Comment by slightlywonky

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