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New strategy…
November 27, 2010, 6:03 pm
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So, this post has nothing to do with my art endeavour.  It is about me making changes about how I do things in life.  For ages, and for some mysterious reason, I felt that our next door neighbors were annoyed with us.  Seriously.  I am so ridiculous.  Anyway, this has bothered me for ages.  FINALLY, I got up the gumption to go over and knock on their door to ask them about it.  The lady had NO idea what I was talking about.  We had a lovely conversation for 20 minutes, and ended with a friendly wave and a “goodbye”.  This first part, of me jumping to inane conclusions, is so typical for me.  The second part, where I actually try to confront these theories, is atypical.  I would normally wonder about this, without actually testing my hypothesis.  Trust me, I know how dumb this is.  Can you see how challenging I make things in life, when this is my typical strategy for dealing with such matters?  Anyway, I wanted to write a post about it, as I felt that it was a slight shift for me in a better direction.  No, this had nothing to do with art, but it was a small success for me!  I know…so ridiculous!


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