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felt like felting…
November 16, 2010, 3:03 pm
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My first experiement with wet felting!  The two small “squares” are the result.  It was fun, but tiring.  It requires some serious elbow grease to work the fibers into submission.  I kept thinking, “felt! damn it!”.  The results are…okay.  Why are they so lumpy?  Can anyone tell me?  Maybe I needed to felt more.  I’m going to have arms like Rambo by the time I figure this all out.  It’s a very messy process, but can have lovely results.  Because it shrinks down so much, I can see that I need to get an enormous blob of it to start with, in order to have a useful size in the end!  The colors of these samples are a bit blech.  I just got roving at Joann fabrics…so what do you expect, right?  There are all sorts of AMAZING stores out there selling decadent roving (the stuff that this is made from) in stunning colors.  Sigh…kind of pricey.  I’ll start small, and see how it goes before I invest in tons of it. 

The pink purse was needle felted.  Sort of cute, right?  Maybe if you’re twelve.  Hey, I like it anyway.  I even put snaps on it!  Should I bother trimming the yarn sticking of the ends?  Nah…it’s like purse dreadlocks.


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wow, so that’s how felting works (wait, how does it work? I would love if you would share that as part of the creative process). Still hoping to connect yo to this amazing felter I know (Maddy & Me designs) but can’t seem to get a response from her. Hope I’ll run in to her at a local holiday craft show. Speaking of which, there’s a prety swanky oe out my way on Saturday…wanna come? You know, in the name of Market Research. LOVE the orange felt by the way (would like to place an advanced order; maybe for a small clutch with snaps and dreadlocks ;o)

Comment by growingmuses

What’s an “oe”? Swanky sounds intimidating…you’d better be careful, or you’re getting the orange blob for your birthday. (don’t you think that it looks a little like cat throw up?)

Comment by slightlywonky

for further inspiration:

Comment by growingmuses

Ummm…yeah. That’s how felt is SUPPOSED to look. Sigh…

Comment by slightlywonky

The more that I look at these, the more hideous they appear. No?

Comment by slightlywonky

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