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Woodblock prints…it’s a start
November 5, 2010, 1:35 pm
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Hey!  These are my first woodblock prints.  I like them!  Yes, I have a long way to go…but I like the graphic quality of them.  Also, carving them is very satisfying, but messy.  Maybe I should say satisfying AND messy!  I’m pretty much wanting to grab onto any hunk of wood to start carving away at it.  Why not the coffee table?  It’s sort of in sad shape anyway, right?  (just kidding!)


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I really, really like these alot! Glad to see you putting your artwork online :). Looking forward to seeing more soon.

Comment by Jeremy Burkhardt

Thanks, Jeremy!

Comment by slightlywonky

eh, for that matter, why not the support beams in the basement, might help speed the project along (or at least dress it up a bit). Love the prints, especially the top one, sort of Starry, Starry Night-ish. I also love that Jeremy left a comment.

Comment by growingmuses

Thanks! I figure that termites have already had first dibs on the house. Maybe I’ll use popsicle sticks, and make tiny, narrow prints?

Comment by slightlywonky

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