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At a standstill
August 30, 2011, 8:25 pm
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My son is out of school this week.  This means a lot of legos, playdoh, diggers and general craziness for me.  Having an only child means that you are ON…a lot.  I suppose if you have more than one, you’re still on…but I somehow imagine that the kids can play together.  That is, until someone starts crying.  This was the typical pattern for me and my brother.  My mother assures me that we did play nicely most of the time, but I don’t remember it that way.

Anyway, as I’ve been doing lots of lego stuff, I just started to play around with them as fun, abstract things.  So now, my son and I sometimes just make lego collages.  Like this one:

That’s a tiny one, but it was fun to do!  I’m sure that I am not the only person to have realized that it’s fun to make random stuff from lego…no need to try to create the millenium falcon.  There are so many crazy shapes now too…I don’t think that we had that “back in the day”, aka prehistoric legos… like this one:

Do you remember those????? If not, don’t tell me.  I already feel ancient.  What about this one?:

Remember how ridiculous and complicated the people were?  WHYYYY?  The lego people that they have now seem good.  Also, having those humongous people require  so much more lego to create anything remotely at the right scale for the person.  Remember these axle blocks?:

The wheels make me think of a Model T Ford, or something.  Okay, that was before my time…believe it or not.  Another:

Do they still make those?  I have no idea.  We don’t seem to have one of the evergreen ones.  Lastly:

A cup!  A filthy one, at that.  Sorry, but I couldn’t be bothered to remove the crud.  I think that on Antiques Roadshow, you aren’t supposed to remove the crud…it increases the value of the artifact.

So, my ever frustrating font of artistic expression is dry this week.  I’m having to use Legos as my medium of choice.  Perhaps this is for the best…I’m sort of “cleansing the palate”, perhaps.  Truth be told, I’m just sort of frustrated with where I am.  It’s always a struggle to come to terms with…grapple with…and hopefully EMBRACE one’s limitations.  I think that I’m still at “come to terms with”.

Yes, I’m definitely not “embracing” my limitations here…I’m sort of peering at them from between my fingers as I cover my face in horror.



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