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Better luck this time!
March 9, 2011, 2:47 pm
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So, I had better luck this time printing with my new solarplates.  In the past, I found that my images were really “flat” and boring.  I think that layering the prints helps a bit.  I went into the studio today, which is atypical, so this is why I have a fresh batch. 

I may work on some of them more…I may make more plates Friday…who knows.  We’re running low on red ink in the studio, so you may see my next prints with more cooler colors.  I’m going to be in my “blue” period, much like Picasso, but because there is no red ink, much unlike Picasso.

(I should have cropped the picture above…)

A bit pale, right?

That one needs help too…

I like that one above…even though it’s not got much going on…

I also like that one…just drawings, no images…

I like this one too.  It was the last one I did.  I also dropped it on the floor, and had to try to remove the mark of my FOOTPRINT on the edge of it.  I know.  It was past noon, and I was feeling my low blood-sugar clumsy.  I knew at that point that I should just clean up and call it a day.

Any comments?  suggestions?  Don’t tell me that I need more red, because it isn’t going to happen. 🙂


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