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Surprise revealed & right brain vs. left brain…
November 20, 2010, 8:47 pm
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Okay!  Now, that I have given this as a gift, I can show the finished product.   This is a silk scarf that I painted for a dear friend.  I really enjoyed doing this, as the colors are so bright and fun.  I LOVE doing these bright, messy projects!  Such a change from my previous job.  I’ve found that I am rebelling against the orthagonal and orderly, and am interested in the multicolored and messy.  SO MUCH FUN!  I just want to take a deep breath and say, “AHHH, WHEW!”

Don’t get me wrong.  I love architecture.  I loved being an architect, for the most part.  I have discovered, though, since taking a “break” from the profession, how different it is from what I do now.  I mean, I believe that I’m someone who has a fairly capable right-brain, and a fairly capable left-brain, but they do NOT work together well at all.  For example, when I was working…if I needed to sketch something to show someone an idea about how to detail something like a window jamb, my drawing would always be terrible!  Truly…terrible.  However, I have been in drawing classes where my work is very strong…portraits that actually look like the person, etc.  I have always wondered WHY I somehow lose all artistic abilities at work, and now I think I understand why.  I believe that I can either be functioning in left-brain mode, or right-brain mode.  But, I cannot use both at once.  When I’m in a drawing class, or making something right-brained…I get into a “zone”.  I think that this is fairly common, and not remarkable in the least.  But things just flow in that zone…artistic things.  However, as soon as I try to “think” more, i.e. bring in my left-brain, my work starts to get really terrible.  The flow is gone.  Similarly, when I was at work and designing/problem-solving/multi-tasking…I was in a similar “zone”, but it was all left-brain analytical.  So, when I’d have to stop and sketch something, my drawing would be horrible.  Isn’t that bizarre?  Maybe this sounds like some long-winded excuse.  I don’t think so, though.  I think that this is just a quirk of mine that I’m only now starting to figure out.

The friend who received my scarf as a gift suggested that I try to show more “process” photos.  Okay…I’ll see what I can do!  The days where I can do my new “work” fly by, and I barely stop to eat.  So, I’ll have to try to remember to stop to photograph as I go along, just to bring you along the way…


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