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No son of mine shall be a hoarder…


WHERE HAVE I BEEN FOR THE PAST MONTH???  I was in holiday survival mode.  As you can tell, I survived.  I may have gained ten pounds from eating, but I’m okay.  I just look kind of like Baymax:


Maybe I should just buy bigger clothes too?

In order to absorb the new toys that my 7 year old got for Christmas AND his birthday, I had to purge some of his older toys.  This had to be done on the first day that he was back at school, as I can’t throw out a single, broken piece of plastic when he is present. He has the pack-rat gene that runs in my family, which is rather unfortunate.

I just put out all of his empty Rainbow Loom boxes in the trash.  I am feeling HORRIBLY GUILTY about this.  If he knew, he would go ballistic.  But they are EMPTY boxes!!!  I feel terrible doing something that I know would upset my child…but if I don’t throw some stuff away (not donate-able), our house will quickly become a scene from “Hoarders.” Where/why am I to keep these boxes that he does nothing with?  I can’t.  I live in fear that he will realize what I have done.  Am I a horrible mommy for doing this?  Stress.  I may have to assuage my guilt by eating some chocolate.  (Be back in a minute.)

My son’s latest, and most crazy ambitious Rainbow Loom project is making a life-size Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III out of those silly rubber bands.  For those of you that don’t know, he’s the main character in the How To Train Your Dragon series.  FYI…He’s a kid/young man.  Did I mention that my son wants to make a life-size version of him? LIFE-SIZE.  So far, he has only completed the eyebrow:



Yes, that’s me holding the Rainbow Loom eyebrow up against my own eyebrow to show you that it is indeed going to be life-size.  NIGHTMARE.  Why can’t he build Lego spaceships, or something reasonable like that???  Why can’t I be the only crazy person in the house?  Do we really need two lunatics under one roof????

Is it just me, or does that rubber band thingy look like ramen noodles?

My 2015 New Year’s resolution is to be less messy.  Does that give you any indication of what kind of poor role model I am?  Sigh.  I have already cleaned/purged the downstairs…so I am doing SOMETHING about my resolution.  Notice that I started with the easier task of purging my son’s broken toys, rather than purging any of MY art supplies.  Hmm.

Here in the Northeast…it’s been rather BRISK:


It slipped down to -2 on the 0.4 mile drive to school.  We normally walk, but I didn’t want scowls from the principal because my son turned into a popsicle on said walk.  Brr! Perhaps we should have made a roaring fire in the fireplace with the ridiculous pile of Rainbow Loom boxes that I just threw out?  At least they would have been put to some good use.

Why aren’t my extra layers of fat keeping me warm?  Maybe I need more?  Send hot chocolate and donuts, pls! My Baymax body thanks you!!!



Rubber band tornado
May 9, 2014, 1:13 pm
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So, I continue to be up to my eyeballs in colored rubber bands from my son’s rainbow loom.


Those bands are EVERYWHERE.  I think that they’re breeding.  We have an infestation.  Send help.

Not only are they tedious to pick up…they are even more tedious to sort by color.  If anyone out there is looking for a kind of mindless “zen” activity, please come over and sort rubber bands:


I’m thinking that my son might be a bit OCD with this stuff.  He makes things CONSTANTLY.  Here is a fraction of his rubber band creations:


It’s bordering on crazy.  He has made a bajillion bracelets:






Wait!  But there’s more!  You can make people!


…and turtles, tacos, bananas, carrots, hamburgers and prehistoric clubs!

bands food

…and other random stuff!

bands random

SIGH.  I know.  How can I judge?  Don’t I have a bevvy of random “crap”, I mean, “creations” too?  I see that I’ve passed down to my son the insatiable desire to MAKE STUFF.  His level of “making” is bordering on cray cray, though…don’t you think?  Is he going to be 40 years old, living in my basement, up to his armpits in bizarre rubber band thingys while he furiously makes more????  Why can’t he get that inspired to mop or dust????  (I suppose that I should ask myself that question, really.)

He’s not the only one obsessed:


Recently, at JoAnn Fabrics, I lost track of my son, only to find him clutching fifteen bags of red rubber bands.  Apparently, he was planning on making this hat.

No. Freaking. Way.

Rainbow loom is not just for kids, though:


Nice touch.


Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave because of this one…

I told my son that he should take up knitting!!!  That isn’t quite as messy.  Maybe he’ll be the next Kaffe Fassett or Brandon Mably?  Hmmm…maybe not, as he went to school today with his shirt inside out because that’s what his friends are doing.  So much for his aesthetic sense…sigh.  I’m going back to trying to clean up all of these bands, a.k.a. “what did I do in a past life to deserve this?”

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