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von Heyl at the ICA!
April 27, 2012, 1:24 pm
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So, this week was NOT productive for my drawings.  So be it.  It was kind of an R & D, lateral exploration week.  I stole away on Sunday afternoon to the ICA…a blustery, grey day.  BUT, I was thrilled with what I found within:

Charline von Heyl

This is the amazing work of Charline von Heyl.  I LOVED IT.  If you’re in the Boston area…please go see it.  I found her work to be really “new” to me.  I absolutely love the layering of different textures…bright, flat color vs. scratched dull color vs. drips vs. “objects”, etc etc.  The other astounding thing was her layering.  Her layers weren’t flat stratas at all.  Elements slipped behind one another so that the overall effect was woven, rather than stacked.  I loved the feeling of this push/pull in the work.  Her fearless color sensibilities were also thrilling.  This is not a show that you will walk through quickly.  I feel as if each work could be pondered for hours.  I may have to go back again when I have more time, so that I can just sit there and let each work steep a bit in my mind…too bad they don’t have barcaloungers over there…

After finishing that last drawing, I jumped back to sewing in order to finish up the dress that I started ages ago.  So…here it is:

Cute, right?  Look at the angled hem…Back:

I’m so happy with it!  I love how it turned out…and I don’t think that I look too much like a hippie, which is good.  I thought that this was a very “modern” type of tie dye fabric…and see how I got the spots to match around the dress!  Not bad, eh!  The back is actually three separate pieces of fabric.  Anyhoo…I’m using the success of this dress to make up for the fact that I’ve drawn nothing this week.  Did I mention that I went to Stop & Shop TWICE in one day?  Yes.  I am in total domestic hell.

Speaking of drawing…here is the latest creation by my son:

He tells me that these are microscopic views of either a CD or a microchip…I can’t remember.  So cute!  It reminds me of this sun chart thingy that we had to use in grad school:

This is so you can track the movement of the sun through the sky at different times of the year.  I guess that might come in handy when siting a building…I didn’t use it ever again.  That was back when we actually had drafting tables.  CAN YOU IMAGINE???  No, we didn’t have to mine our own pencils, or pluck a goose feather to do our ink drawings…but it feels THAT ancient to me now.  And look…I’ve come “full circle”, and I am back drawing with a pencil again.  Should that realization make me happy, or depressed?  A little bit of both, actually.  Okay, so here’s a happy thought to end this post:

This fuzzy photo is my son’s fuzzy blanket, which he adores.  We were playing tea party / picnic with it.  He told me that he plans to have this blanket when he is 45, and he’ll use it as a tablecloth.  SERIOUSLY.   Hmm…I’m actually not sure if that idea is happy after all!  Hmm!  I suppose as long as he isn’t living in our basement, I’ll forgive him for having the blanket at 45?  Ok, forget it.  The blanket at 45 IS depressing…


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