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Sloooowness and scribbles…
May 18, 2012, 11:59 am
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I’m so concerned about this post being boring that I’ve decided to post an image of the drawing that I’m working on…which is still in process:

There!  Now, is this post exciting???  No?  Too bad. 

This drawing is waaay too pale.  I need to generally bring up the tones, etc. etc.  But, I think that it’s coming along.  These drawings take forever, so I’m often pining to do something more “scribbly”, just to get that visceral, mark-making feeling out of my system.  Actually, I sort of get that out a little when my son and I do a “group” art project.  Here is our latest drawng:

I do NOT like to draw on my son’s drawings, as I obviously “ruin” them if I do.  But often, he insists that we draw together.  I get yelled at if I slack off.  So, above, you can *clearly* see a soccer field…a baseball diamond…and a football field.  I drew the little brown people on the sidelines watching the game.  My son asked why they had no arms.  I had no good reason, so he decided to add arms.  You will notice the short, orange arm extending off of the lowest person.  BUT, if you look at the person second from the top, you will see LOOONG, swirly arms coming off of him.  That blob that looks like a spiky sun on the bottom of the page is one of his hands.  BRILLIANT!  See?  This drawing would be so much better if I didn’t have to contribute to it.

The reason it’s posted on the wall is because my son wanted to cut a hole in the wall.  Even though I pointed out to him that our staircase is on the other side of that wall (I didn’t bother to mention the more obvious reasons of not cutting holes in walls), he still insisted that we cut a hole.  After much wrangling and debating and struggling to tell him that we are NOT cutting a hole in the wall, he agreed that we could draw what we imagined would be in the hole.  Thus, we have several athletic fields.  Go figure.

In my poking around on the internet, I found the GORGEOUS drawings of Sandra Allen.  Here is a sample of what she does:

Sandra Allen, Auspice, 60″ x 42″, pencil on paper 

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  That’s a PENCIL drawing, for Lord’s sake!!!!!  Look how big it is too!  That’s actually tiny for her…she does some truly enormous drawings.  Please check out her website.   I’m pretty flabbergasted by it.  She has a drawing that she’s done which is 37 FEET TALL!  No, not 37 inches…37 FEET…I kid you not.  Go look at her work.  Now.  Isn’t it amazing???  I’m not going to give my usual whining speech lamenting that, in comparison, my drawings look marginally better than putting a pencil and a sheet of paper in a clothes dryer for an hour.  Okay, that’s an exaggeration…but only slightly.  I’ll just give a dramatic *SIGH* to express my discouragement.

Can anyone recommend the work of other artists who work in graphite?  I’m always interested in seeing what others are doing (in my masochistic way).  Hmmmm???  Suggestions?  Whom should I look at?

Here’s something that you should look at:

That’s in our garden!  No kidding!  I wish I could take some kind of credit for this lovely iris (am I right?), but I cannot.   Not only did I play no part in it’s budding (obviously)…but I also didn’t even put that silly bulb in the ground in the first place.  It was here when we moved in.  For someone like myself, who has the tendency to inadvertently kill most plants, it’s great to see something lovely in the garden that I haven’t destroyed by sheer ignorance.  Now, if I can just keep my son from hitting it with a wiffle ball bat…


Oh the times…they aren’t a-changin’…
January 27, 2012, 12:22 pm
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Why that title, you ask? 

Recently…I went to Home Depot to look at more “tools” for my drawings.  In some ways…I dislike going to the Depot, or any hardware store, when I am looking for things NOT for construction, but for art.  So, here I was…in the Depot…choosing some items PURELY based upon their appearance.  I managed to deflect a “Can I help you find what you’re looking for?” by saying “yes”, and asking where there might be some wheeled carts (I’d love to get one from my little etching press).  The guy brought me to the carts, and we started to talk about what the cart was for.  So, he found out that I do “art”, and asked, “what kind of art?”.  This is the start of a conversation that I typically like to avoid.  I told him, “drawing”…hoping that this was good enough.  But no.  “What do you draw?”, he asked.  Okay.  NOW what?  I hummed and hawed…trying to think of something to say…but then I just gave up and told the truth…”I draw still-lifes with tools and fruit, specifically, pears.”  He agreed that I am indeed a nutcase.  Luckily, his brother is an artist, so he was somewhat open to the idiosyncracies of art.  Part of the reason that I avoid this subject is not only because I’ll be judged as koo-koo for buying stuff for art, not construction…but also because I do NOT want to be judged as the “silly” female with my “artsy” pursuits.  Dislike.

THEN, I get to the checkout line.  I happen to be buying a band saw blade, a bunch of screws, and wooden coat hangers.  When the checkout guy started to ring up the blade, he said, “I see that the wives are shopping for the husbands today!”

No.  Really?  You’re joking, right?  Don’t they teach you anything in employee training????

“Noooo…ALL of these items are for ME.”, I responded.  He was really a nice guy, so I gently berated him for such a sexist remark.  Why couldn’t he have just said, “Did you find everything that you needed today?”???  It turns out that he had an 18 yr old daughter.  I wonder what kind of stuff he tells her at home?

In the world of architecture…the balance between men and women feels quite even.  (There is an unfortunate imbalance when you get into the world of “interiors”, as this often tips towards women.)  But, in engineering and construction…it is still mostly a man’s world.  Not always…but mostly.  This obviously saddens me…but I hope that someday those fields will be more diverse.  I have been in meetings where the head of facilities at a university will make some joke about “wives”, and I sit there…as the project architect…and just smile.  Great.  I am likely to be the only “wife” at that ten person meeting…so, does that make me “one of the boys”, or one of the silly “wives”?  Who knows. 

Anyone who tells you that sexism is a thing of the past is probably part of the problem.

Sorry about that rant!  Because I haven’t been working as an architect for the past year and a half…I’ve forgotten about things like this.  I just got a reminder this week…

So, my son has brought home another priceless creation from preschool:

Isn’t that GREAT?  WHAT IS IT????

[OMG…I have AGAIN accidentally posted when I wasn’t done….SORRY!!!]

I asked him what it was, and it’s some kind of nozzle.  I forgot the adjectives that go with the “nozzle” that he described…but I love it.  I love these toilet paper tube creations.  Priceless.  I will be sad when they stop.  Perhaps he’ll be like his mom, and they’ll never stop.

VERY slow week for my own work.  Latest drawing:

So, here’s the bandsaw blade.  See?  I rarely use my Home Depot purchases for their intended purpose.  So be it.

Now, I have to run off to the grocery store to make dinner for a friend who just had a baby.  I have no idea what to make.  Such pressure!!!!!  What if the kids hate it?  What if the whole family hates it?  Sigh.  Perhaps ordering pizza for them is not really very thoughtful…rats.  I’ll have to concoct something NON-VEGAN that will hopefully dazzle them with my culinary skills…

I don’t tend to put pressure on myself much.


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