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New flowers
May 10, 2011, 4:01 pm
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Believe it or not, some of the bulbs that I plated last fall have actually come up!  Seriously.  I have so little faith in gardening, that I thought that planting bulbs was a sheer waste of time for me.  Not so!  See!:

Don’t they look great?  Granted, there are only three of them…and I actually planted eight bulbs.  The other FIVE tulips were mysteriously decapitated.  I’ve been told that this is squirrels.  I have hard time believing that.  I think that it must be the little person who lives in my house and calls me, “Mommy”.  Hmmm…

Don’t they look great????  Trust me, I’m shocked.  Here are a few other things growing, that I did not plant:

And also:

Of course, I’m just showing you the highlights.  I’ve edited out the crabgrass.

I did another print:

I’m still on this long theme, with a lot of black.  I think that the photo makes this one look uniformly black, but in reality, there is more going on.  The black in the upper right area isn’t really black at all, but a dark green…somewhat translucent.  This doesn’t seem to be coming through in the photo.  Here is a detail:

I think that you can kind of see the layers in the black area.  I like this one.  I like the shadowy things barely visible in the dark areas…with just a few pops of color and lightness.

I’ve ordered a special brush to do the Moku Hanga printing (as shown in the last post).  As soon as I get it…I’m using it!  In the meantime, I’ll have to get some wood blocks carved.  I’ll keep you posted…


Spring feevah
April 22, 2011, 3:25 pm
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I felt that I needed to channel my “inner Bostonian”.  Today is an amazing spring day here.  Yes, it started out below 40 degrees this morning, but it’s gotten MUCH warmer.  Everyone is mooning around in the sunshine.

Our “garden” is actually doing something too.  Notice that “garden” is in quotes.  Our dirt patch with scraggly flowers, bordered by stones, could be considered a “garden” if flowers were considered optional.  Here are a few of the scragglers that we have:

What is this?  A hyacinth?:

What about this?  What is it?

I know.  That last one was probably just a weed. Oh well.  But, check out our forsythia!

This is the only time of the year that this stuff looks good…otherwise it’s a brown, scraggly mess.  I do love it though…we have it bordering three sides of our lawn.

and super close:

I really love that plant.  AND, I know what it’s called!  A minor miracle.

Studio was okay today.  I have gotten myself a pair of clogs, as I’m standing all the time and my feet are killing me.  No more silly shoes.  At my last class, my right big toe fell asleep.  That feels terrible, trust me.  So, now I’ve got PRACTICAL shoes.  I happily stood for 4+ hours today with no problem.  Here’s a look:

Snazzy, huh?  They’re actually a bit sparkly, which I like.  Very comfy.  I know…the next step is a velour lesiure suit, or a snuggie.

So, here are the prints from today.  I’m on the fence about them.

And its fraternal twin:

I’m trying to decide now if they are “done”.  Hmm…maybe I’ll wait to talk to one of my printmaking teachers to get some feedback.  Luckily today, the studio wasn’t too crowded, so I could work fairly well and in a calm/sane manner.  I struggle when it’s really crowded and busy.  It’s hard to think, and you can only really do simple things with the press, as everyone is waiting in line to use it.  So, my stuff today would have been a real pain if the studio was crowded.

Have a good weekend!  Hoppy Eastah!  I’m off to get some peeps!

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