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Nemo schnemo…where’s the chocolate?
February 8, 2013, 7:37 pm
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Well, it’s 4:01 pm here, and we are officially banned from driving in Massachusetts.  No, I’m not kidding.  We have a MOTOR VEHICLE BAN right now because of winter storm “Nemo”.  We’re expecting 24″ – 30″ of snow today.  YIKES!  (Send help!  Send chocolate!)

Here’s what it looked like at 10 am this morning:


Pshaw.  What’s the fuss?

Here’s what the radar shows right NOW:


Hmm.  We live next to Cambridge, in the upper right.  I guess that red stuff at the bottom of the map is heading our way.  Here is what the blue stuff on the map looks like right now:


Hmm.  I guess that the red stuff is going to be worse?  Luckily, I bought a huge, puffy down robe (to replace the natty mint green one, as mentioned in earlier posts).  So, I can muff around the house looking like a short linebacker whilst I drink massive quantities of tea and try not to go out of my mind with cabin fever.  Perhaps if Jack Nicholson had a puffy robe like mine in “The Shining”, he wouldn’t have gone off the deep end?  I’m doing much better, in comparison, as I just LOOK like I’ve gone off the deep end.  Impressive, right?

My son and I have done MANY activities to entertain ourselves today.  I’ve tried to maintain sanity and not have the contents of our house spread all over the floor by my son.  He’s a master at domestic demolition, a.k.a. making a mess. It’s almost like we have our OWN Nemo INSIDE our house, creating a disaster.  I may have to have some kind of vehicle ban here as well…

Our sweet cousin (well…my husband’s cousin) sent us this kit of animals to make from paper:


Looks kind of fun, right?  (or, is that only true for the inner architect?)  How hard could it be?  It’s just three pieces, for crying out loud.  It turned out cute, even though I nearly had a meltdown with the gluing:


My son felt it was important to have a dinosaur next to the tiger, just for effect.  There’s nothing like using an xacto blade on a wobbly wood table while your five year old jostles next to you and asks when you’re going to be done.  STRESS!  Luckily, no one was hurt, as we wouldn’t be allowed to drive to the emergency room anyway.  Yay, Nemo!

I was rather proud of our little paper tiger sculpture, UNTIL I saw the work of Li Hongbo online:


Li Hongbo

Watch a video of his work here.  ISN’T IT MIND BOGGLING???


Li Hongbo

I’m kind of flabbergasted.  I’m flabbergasted that he could MAKE that enormous stack of accordion paper, never mind sculpt it.  So talented.  Crazy!!!  (BTW…both of those sculptures above illustrate how I’m going to feel by the end of the day…)  Sometimes, I wonder if success in the art world is related to O.C.D.  Thoughts?

On a happy note…I finally finished knitting my sweater!


Don’t you love it??? I’m totally addicted to knitting.  Yes, I have a problem.  Yes, I get giddy when looking at yarn, patterns, and other people’s projects.   Yes, I have a Ravelry account, and could waste an hour looking at knit SOCKS.  It’s a problem.  I’m kind of sinking into the puffy robe persona.  Not good.  At least we don’t have cats…

Okay…in a similar textile vein…watch a cool music video of thread, pins and sewing needles here.

I wasn’t kidding about sending me chocolate, either.


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Ths is an old-fashioned February in New England–  I know! When you’re housebound it’s perfect weather for baking cookies, cleaning drawers. Keep writing. Iris


Comment by Iris Chandler

Hi, Iris! Yes, this is how winters used to be, right? Instead of cleaning, I seem to be spending more time making sure that our house doesn’t turn into a disaster area. Best, e. 🙂

Comment by slightlywonky

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