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Blog slacker and oops…
October 4, 2012, 10:26 pm
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Poor blogs.  They suffer so because we’re too busy to write them, and too busy to read them.  I try to make my posts visually “exciting” for those of you that just scroll past the text.  That’s all of you, right?  Hmm.  You’ve probably learned from your past mistakes of actually READING the post, and now only check in when you are stuck in traffic and are aimlessly thumbing your way through your phone.  Speaking of phones, check out my son’s industrial design brilliance:

For some reason…out of the blue, he decided that he needed a phone.  What, pray tell, is the basis of this design?

A macaroni and cheese box.  Love. It.

Must. Keep. 4. Evah.

WHAT?  These aren’t “exciting” visuals?  Well, too bad.

So, I’m in a frenzy of self-promotional mayhem.  I have work up in two shows this month, and I’m trying to get the word out.  I made new postcards:



I made new business cards.



I hope not to have two hundred unused postcards and business cards by the time those two events are over.  (Yes, I fuzzed out some information.)  I’m sure that if I were Martha Stewart…I would figure a way of recycling them into a monogrammed Halloween table centerpiece and matching napkin rings.  Doesn’t she have anything BETTER to do????  Seriously.  I have plenty that could keep her busy.  She could knit a sweater with the dustballs in our house…or sort our junk mail by color and size…or create thoughtful parting gifts for the company that we never seem to have over because who wants to climb two flights of stairs to our front door only to be greeted by a living room that looks like a Toys R Us after Katrina?  (minus the scummy water line, thankyouverymuch)

Ok.  I exaggerate for comic effect.  Is it working?  Of course not.  You’ve either scrolled past this text block to see if the images get any better or you’ve already given up.  I feel like giving up, and yet I persist somehow.  I’m stubborn like that.

Ok. (but this time I mean it)  I forgot to update you on the professional development class that I’m taking for artists.  BE STILL YOUR BEATING HEART.  It’s great.  I highly recommend it for anyone who can spare several hundreds of dollars and almost every Saturday between now and May.  Ignore my snark…it is really good.  I’m learning about negotiation…(don’t insult the other person or whine!)…about organization (you can’t put post-it notes through the laundry!)…and the selection process for art shows (it can’t hurt to send the curator a pajamagram, can it???)  Um…yes.  Yes, it can.  Just because I might be influenced by an unexpected leopard print Snuggie in the mail, doesn’t mean that others share that same love for synthetic fleece.

This post seems to be light on art, and heavy on nonsense.   I’ll do better next week.  I also will try not to accidentally make a blog post of just an image with no text, as I did about 30 minutes ago even though that would be a reasonable strategy if no one bothers to read (my) blogs anymore.

(Do Snuggies come in different sizes?  If so, I’m probably a medium, BTW)


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