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Squid and Shlian
August 24, 2012, 9:37 am
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Ahh…the summer is winding down.  BOOHOOHOOOO!  On Tuesday, September4, our quiet neighborhood will become a seething, traffic logjam of irate parents schlepping their sullen kids to school.  Gone are the days when kids would walk five miles to school.  Now, it seems that they have to get dropped off RIGHT at the door.  Maybe I’m grumbling because my son’s school (where I not only bring him RIGHT to the door, but take him in as well, mind you) is next to the middle school.  Now THOSE kids could certainly be dropped off on the corner, in an effort to cut down on the traffic backup, right?  Why don’t we have school buses you ask?  Two words: budget cuts.  I wonder how much it would actually cost?  Perhaps every parent would be willing to pay an extra $20 in order to avoid the traffic hell created by each kid being brought to school individually in his/her own Subaru/VW wagon?  (we’re not quite Volvo territory here…you’d have to go over to Lexington for that)  It’s kind of like those Japanese cookies, where the box, the inside of the box, and each cookie is individually wrapped in it’s own complicated packaging.  I like the packaging of Oreos, where I can neatly and efficiently grab a whole ream of cookies with one hand.  But I digress…what was I talking about before cookies?  I forgot.

Look how domestic I’ve become!  I used to be stressed out because I had two weeks worth of work to complete in the span of three hours…and now, I’m griping about traffic and cookie packaging!  I would have thought that my less-stressed lifestyle would lead to fewer gray hairs, but alas no.  I’m actually toying with the idea of NOT coloring my hair…but that idea may not last long when I keep seeing that mysterious crone looking at me in the bathroom mirror.  (who IS that anyway????)

Well, thank GOD I finished my 23rd drawing for the series:

That one got a bit crazy.  Not to gross you out…but I did find a partially rotten pear in a plastic bag under my desk.  So gross.  I like to buy them and then have them ripen a bit, before I draw them.  Otherwise, they’re kind of hard and not quite so easy to mash with a tool.  I just need to keep better track of them…that’s all!  Sometimes, I wonder if this blog will be fodder for my admission to the local asylum…

HEY!!! Good news!!!  I’m going to be participating in the Artist Professional Toolbox program, organized by Montserrat College of Art and the Arts & Business Council of Boston.  What is it?  Why, it’s a “A 9-month program for emerging and mid-career visual artists to master business challenges.”  See?  VERY useful!  Anyone out there in the Boston area should look into this, if you’re interested.  I hopefully won’t be the remedial student asking all of the inane questions whilst others look upon me with bemused pity.  I have a lot to learn, and this program is well-regarded.  I’ll learn things like: “Don’t stalk a gallery owner”, or “Sending 30 emails a day to a gallery owner might be off-putting”, or “How not to get a restraining order from a gallery owner”.  This is important stuff.  Did YOU know that sending an edible arrangement to a gallery owner is NOT the way to get a show?  See?  There’s so much to learn.

Speaking of learning something new, this is my son’s latest brilliant, drawing:

This is apparently my husband and I talking.  If the people didn’t seem to be smiling, I might be concerned about the electricity shooting out of our mouths.  I guess my son feels that we talk too much at the dinner table.  Hmm.  I should keep this for when he goes to a shrink later in life.

So, we’re going to the Cape next week.  Yay!  In honor of that, I’m posting some vital research done by some scientists at Wood’s Hole:

Squid and Cypress Hill

What’s that, you may ask?  Well, it’s the skin of a squid when it listens to Cypress Hill.  I kid you not.  Please watch the video here.  Apparently, this squid was hooked up to a special iPod playing Cypress Hill’s Insane in the Brain.  I think that animals will be very happy when we go extinct.  In the meantime, we can do crazy experiments on them.  Trust me, I’m all for Cypress Hill…I’m just not sure that the squid would agree.

I know.  You’re wondering when I’m going to show some actual art.  Here is the work of Matthew Shlian.

Matthew Shlian

He does these CRAZY paper sculptures…mostly folded, always geometric.  Watch this video of him.  So amazing!  I’m so impressed with my ability to make an origami frog…he was probably doing that before he could walk.  I think that he needs to get involved with fashion, right??? 

Speaking of fashion…project runway was last night.  Eek!  Don’t tell me what happened!  Yes, I have noticed that neither Heidi Klum or Nina Garcia has any gray hair, thankyouverymuch.  Luckily, I don’t hold the bar for myself quite that high.  (I’m sure that they don’t eat a ream of Oreos either…hmpf!)


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