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Woot woot!
July 27, 2012, 10:43 am
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No…I have no reason for my “woot woot-ing.”  I also have no reason for this post, but I’m not getting bogged down in a search for interesting content.  I’m just going to wing it.  Notice, there is no “unsubscribe” button on the left.  Hopefully, this post won’t make you wish that there was!

Actually, one reason for a “woot woot” is that the filmmaker, Ron Fricke, who did “Baraka” has a NEW film. CHECK. IT. OUT.:

Did you watch the trailer?  Doesn’t it look AMAZING????  “Baraka” is also an amazing film.  It does make you marvel at how limited one’s world is…unless you’re Ron Fricke, of course.  When I need international exposure…I head over to Trader Joe’s.  You know, frozen vegetable masala patties…dried seaweed…frozen veggie gyoza.  Hmm.  He’s probably never even heard of Trader Joe’s.    

I think that I’ll go have a wasabi pea… 

(Do you think that people in non-Western cultures go “woot woot!” like we do?  Probably not.)

Speaking of non-Western cultures…I wish that I could go see this show at the Asia Society in NYC.  Has anyone seen it?  It is the ridiculously stunning ink paintings of Wu Guanzhong.  Here is one of his works:

Wu Guanzhong

I loved that painting…and THEN I saw the title.  SO brilliant, right????  Look at those sinuous brushstrokes!!!  Look at the seemingly haphazard splotches!!!  Lovely.  Don’t you think that this is amazing?  (btw…you must agree with me.)

So, I finished another drawing in my new series.  Here it is:

I’ve “pixelated” the hammer.  See:

I like where this is going…so I’m going to keep on this series for a bit.  Actually, I have to take a slight detour, as I need at least three more drawings from my last series for the Towne Gallery show is October.  STRESS!  I’m trying to decide if I draw a tool that I’ve already done before…or, get a new tool?  The challenge, of course, is finding a tool that I like the “look” of.  Suggestions?  Like one of these?:

But not this:

Does this count as a tool?:

Sort, of right?  Actually, here’s a tool that I like:


No, seriously…send me tool suggestions to draw.  You’ll spare me an embarrassing trip to Home Depot where I refuse assistance because I’m shopping based on appearance only.  No, I don’t care if it’s rechargable, has extra drill bits, a lifetime warranty, or an adjustable handle.  I ONLY care if it will look INTERESTING with a mangled pear.

These wasabi peas are making me thirsty…

(Seinfeld reference…anyone?  Bueller?)



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