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Jury duty makes my head hurt
June 15, 2012, 1:07 pm
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Yes, this week’s fun adventure was to the Framingham District Court.  No, there wasn’t an amazing art exhibit there.  No, I wasn’t arrested for being generally annoying.  I had jury duty.  I can’t complain, as they ended up not needing any of us…but I still had to hang out in a semi-subterranean room with 15 other people for 3.5 hours.  I decided that if I looked sort of “weird” and “artsy” that day, then I would be rejected as a juror.  I never got to test that theory out, but I’m sure that I’m onto something.  Is there such a thing as a temporary body tattoo?  I must consider that as well for next time.  (I know…I know…civic duty…democracy in action…I was just JOKING about the body tattoo…sheesh)

Well, as a result of that lost morning, and other commitments this week…I have no new work to show you.  I did take a picture of some decaying flowers, though:

You don’t think that they look sort of moody and INTERESTING???  I know.  Why is there always something rotting in my studio?  Who knows.  If you find out why, tell my husband.

Before I showcase some real art done by a recognized artist, I’m going to show two creations made by my four-year old son this week.  The first:

Empire State Building

It might be hard to tell from this angle, but this is the Empire State Building.  My son created this in his Spanish class.  (don’t worry…I’m under no illusion that: 1. This is the Empire State Building. 2. That this class will teach him Spanish.)  I prefer to live in my bubble of unreality.  The teacher was hoping that all of the kids would make a letter, but my son, being the anarchist that he is, decided that a skyscraper was a better idea.  I am slightly concerned about his academic potential, as being able to follow directions comes in so handy when you are trying to learn something.  He seems to be allergic to that (both following direction and learing something).  Anyhoo, after his skyscraper (with glitter), he made this:


THAT, unfortunately, is a gun.  I played ignorant (which I’m an expert at, naturally), and pretended that it didn’t recognize it as a gun.  “Cool sculpture,” I said.  My son looked at me like I was a moron.  I’m still getting used to that.  I thought that four-year olds were supposed to be in an oedipal stage right now?  Whenever following the norm (like the oedipal stage) is desirable, he doesn’t comply…but when following the norm (like making things into guns) is NOT desirable…he’s more than happy to toe the line.  Sigh.

So, before you all close this window for fear that you lose any more brain cells, here is the work of someone that you should look at:

David Oliveira

This is the work of David Oliveira.  SOOO COOL!!!  It’s like a sketch that has come to life.  Please check out his website here.  I love his work.  I love the loose quality to it.  Here is another piece that looks awesome:

David Oliveira

Seriously.  Isn’t that SO cool?  I’m not sure that I’m crazy about the diver in the back, but I love the hand.  I would love to see his work in person.  As I’m not scheduled to go to Portugal any time soon, I think that I’m out of luck.  I seriously feel like I could stare at that hand ALL DAY.  Am I right?  You must agree.  Now.  He’s brilliant.

Ok, enough mooning over other people’s work…it’s back to the drawing board for me.  I’ll try to actually get something done for next week (besides the laundry, the grocery shopping, playdates, etc. etc. etc.) 

I think that the laundry makes my head hurt too.


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