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What should I even call this post???
June 1, 2012, 3:53 pm
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You know that it’s going to be a snoozefest if I can’t even come up with a title for this post.  Why bother with a title, you ask?  Or, why bother with this post?  WELL…if I asked myself THAT question too often, I wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning.  So…why not?  (has anyone out there been to “Perche No” in Florence, Italy? two words: bacio gelato…but i digress)

So, this week, I’ve been slaving over a drawing that I’m not sure is really turning out too well.  I’m trying to use a different medium.  Normally, I use graphite on Duralar.  THIS WEEK, however, my advisor suggested that I coat some cradled plywood with absorbent ground, and draw on that.  WELL.  I think that if I was better at PAINTING…and could have applied a SMOOTH layer of absorbent ground…then this might have been more successful.  (notice how I deflect the cause of the problem to the board, and not me)   Here it is:

Okay…it’s NOT done yet.  Still…I think that it still may be a bit off.  I’ve changed the vantage of my usual still life subject so that you can better see the impact of the hammer on the pear.  Do you think that it’s effective?  Or, is it just weird?  Actually, don’t answer that.  Nevermind.  Perhaps when I finish it, it will feel ok.  Here is a side view, so you can see the board that I’m drawing on:

HMM! It’s so different than the thin and translucent Duralar…

We visited some friends over the long weekend who have a fantabulous house on Cape Cod.  Yes, it’s true.  Not only do they have a HOUSE there…but it’s dreamy as well.  In all honesty…after just three days in that house/with those friends/at the Cape, I felt so refreshed.  That’s amazing when you consider that my 4 yr old son and their 4 yr old son played the entire time.  In other words: shrieking laughter whilst the boys throw things at mating horseshoe crabs, etc.  Luckily, we weren’t thrown out by the Audubon “crab copulation” police.  If there are fewer horseshoe crabs next year, it’s because our kids distrupted their love-fest.  It’s so refreshing to take a break from helicopter parenting, and just say “who cares?” 

ANYWAY…that weekend made me fantasize about my own dreamy house.  Here is what our house looks like:

Pretty typical, huh?  It has painted white shingles…a stone foundation…brick steps…original, dilapidated windows…you know, the norm.  It’s a very sweet house.  (“sweet” is a euphemism for “tiny”)  But, I’m NOT complaining…it’s really lovely.  We’re sooo lucky to have it.  BUT…wouldn’t it be NEATO to live in a more modern house, like THIS one???

 Servie Boetzkes and Jeroen Helder

Isn’t it GREAT????  No, I don’t think that it’s Darth Vader’s European hideout, thankyouverymuch.  This house is designed by Boetzkes and Helder.  OF COURSE, it’s in the Netherlands…not the ‘burbs of Boston.  Here is a closeup of the metal panel exterior:

DREAMY!  Or, as I used to say when I was working as an architect: BUTTERY!  (that’s not a technical term, fyi)

I have no artwork completed by my son to show you.  I know.  That’s why you read this blog, isn’t it?  If that’s not why, then I’m not sure what’s left, honestly.  ANYHOO, here is the work of an uber-talented artist you should look at:


This is the work of German street artist, EVOL.  Umm…that’s a painting…on a piece of scrap cardboard.  SCRAP CARDBOARD…for Lord’s sake.  Here I am, whining about working on cradled plywood…and he’s making crazy paintings out of cardboard.  Here’s another:


Are. You. Kidding. Me.

Sigh.  I’d love to have that on the wall of my Darth Vader house at the Cape.


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