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Drawing show at the New Art Center & grey hot dogs!
May 11, 2012, 1:46 pm
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So, this week I went to the New Art Center in Newton, MA to see a drawing show titled, “M(i)(A)cro: A Contemporary Drawing Exhibition.”  SO AMAZING!!!  It’s so great to see a drawing-only exhibit.  Sometimes, I feel that drawing gets neglected…works on paper are fragile…they are often just black & white…yadda yadda yadda.   Whatever.  Here are a couple of highlights:

Greg Fuqua, Study in Dynamics, Charcoal, 69″ x 42″

LOOK AT THAT!  Look how BIG it is!  Seriously.  That drawing was gorgeous.    I could have sat all day and just looked at it.  So amazing.  Here is the artist’s website, just in case you missed it:  Greg Fuqua.  Trust me…if you saw that in person, you’d “oooh” and “aaah” as well.  It’s a CHARCOAL drawing, for goodness sake…   

Here is another artist from that show:

Barbara Blacharczyk, Botanical Flux, Acrylic and ink on multiple layers of Duralar, 57″ x 40″ 

SOOOO COOL!!!  She has many layers of Duralar (which is what I use as well), which she has painted on…cut into…collaged.  The drawings really look “alive”, as there is so much depth to them.  They’re fascinating.  If anyone is in the Newton, MA area…go see this show NOW!  It’s almost over!  Seriously.  Put down your silly IPad and get over there.  I mean it.

As is always the case, I find it impossible to look at another artist’s work and not automatically compare it to my own.  Actually, I do that less so with UBER artists, like Picasso…but more so with anyone who hasn’t quite achieved that stardom.  WHY do I do that???  WHYYY????  It’s some sort of automatic, self-torture reflex.  I can’t be the only one with such a neurosis, can I? Yes?  OK fine…don’t answer that.

So, I framed my drawing for the Danforth show.  Here it is!

Now, do you understand why feel deflated??? (Okay, I’ll be quiet).  I go the The Framer’s Workshop, in Brookline, for the framing.  I have this hair-brained notion that it will be cheaper, if I do some of the labor.  Also, I am so neurotic that I don’t quite trust someone else to frame these drawings.  Crazy, right?  I trust MYSELF more than the professional?  How flawed is that thinking???  You should have seen how I struggled to mash and smooth the putty in the frame’s corners.  It took me probably 10x as long as someone who works there.  I dislike the whole chore of framing.  SO TEDIOUS. Plech pleh pflu.

I got very little done in my own work this week…EXCEPT that I finished yet ANOTHER dress!  Here it is:

Don’t you think that it’s cute???  It even has pockets!  I am all proud of myself, as I added the shaping around the middle.  Can you imagine what this looked like without that?  Sort of like a multi-colored potato sack…you know, like my usual sewing projects…

My son made me some playdoh food this week:

mmm…yummy, right?  The only thing that looks marginally appealing is the hot dog on the right.  Perhaps the food on the left is what a hot dog normally looks like for someone who is colorblind?  Not sure.  He also drew a self-portrait:

Isn’t that hilarious???  I love it!  I’m also glad that he drew himself “happy”, not frowing or crying.  I must have been doing an ok job of parenting at that moment.  I feel like I need a sticker “How’s My Parenting? Dial 1-800-KOO KOO U” on my forehead sometimes.  Luckily, my son can’t use a phone, or else I’d be getting lots of disgruntled calls.  Have I already mentioned that when my son is mad at me, he’ll either say, “I’m going to throw you in the trash!”, or “I’m going to put you in jail!”?  When I tried to outsmart him, and tell him that he couldn’t put me in jail because I was already in the trash, he said that he’d put the trash can, with me in it, in jail.  I died laughing, which, of course, made him angrier.  WOO HOO…it’s never a dull moment when you’re a parent!  If fact, if it gets TOO QUIET…that usually means he’s up to no good.  I typically grab a wet sponge, a roll of paper towels, and then start searching…

thank god for washable markers…



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