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Annoying segues…and I finished my drawing!
April 20, 2012, 9:21 am
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Yes, I finally did.  I think that it’s a good transition to larger work.  Sometimes, I worry that if what I do isn’t 8’x8′ in size…it is not “real art”.  I know…what is real art, anyway?  Who cares, right?  Yes, I have heard of miniatures.  I just don’t feel like painting with an eyelash or drawing with a microscope.  But seriously…don’t you walk into an art gallery and expect to say “WOW” upon first stepping in?  It’s hard for tiny artwork to do that.  Is there a gallery for miniature art? Probably.  If it is…it’s not in the U.S.  We don’t do anything miniature here.  Speaking of miniature…(bad segue #1)

Shay Aaron

This is the work of Shay Aaron.  I’m kind of speechless.

Shay Aaron

Umm…did you notice the tomato seeds there?  THEY ARE SMALLER THAN THE TINY LETTERING ON THAT PENNY.  She (he?) must use an electron microscope to do these.  It’s kind of making me hungry for a salad…speaking of THAT…(bad segue #2)

THOSE are our indoor tomatoes and cucumbers.  No joke!  I’m scared to put them outside, as we have a woodchuck that lives under our deck.  I can either put them outside, and have them be woodchuck salad…or, I can keep them INSIDE, and accept that they will probably be stunted.  Hmm!  What’s a plant parent (aka “gardener”) to do????  Speaking of parenting…(bad segue #3)

My son has “reworked” his drawing.  I LOVE IT MORE!  I want to frame it, but it will cost an arm and a leg.  Plus, the paper is the non-archival stuff that will self destruct in a week.  SO sad for me.  This next anecdote relates, but only in a paper-thin way:  My son has a favorite book where a character tells a lame story, then ends it with “Yuk, yuk, yuk…the end!”.  So, my son keeps saying that to random people, who give that faux smile and nod as they wonder what’s wrong with my child.  This morning, I was getting gas in the car…and he wanted me to roll down the window so that he could say that to the gas guy.  Uhm….no.  So, I feel that after every one of my lame segues… I should be saying, “yuk, yuk, yuk…the end!”  I’m sure that my son and I are the only two people on the planet who find that humorous at all.  Too bad he can’t read, or else we may be the only two people on the planet who like this post as well and haven’t decided that ANYTHING is more interesting than this nonsense.

Okay…okay…here is my drawing (sans segue, for your relief):

I’m pretty happy with it.  It needs a little more reworking…but it’s really almost done.  This is when I start to feel all proud of my little accomplishement…until I see the work of someone else:

Seung Mo Park

That is the amazing work of Seung Mo Park.  He builds these fantastic sculptures out of WIRE MESH.  I kid you not…lookit:

Seung Mo Park

Are. You. Kidding. me.

SO AMAZING!!!!!  See?  There’s nothing like the brilliant work of an artist to make you feel amazing, if you aren’t an artist, and hopeless, if you are!  My work is sooooo conventional.  Drawing with a pencil?  That’s soooooo 16th century (or whenever…I know that they didn’t have yellow Ticonderogas back then…).  When I feel that I can “graduate” from pencil use…perhaps I will be able to advance to drawing with metal screens.  Until then…back to the drawing board/the future/whatever.


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Those minatures are INSANE! The artist must sacrifice her eyesight for the greater artistic good. I like your drawing…seems so lifelike. What do I take away from your drawing? You seem to be working out some anger issues against fruit. Aren’t we all, as in, why can’t it be a donut a day keeps the doctor away? Well done.

Comment by tbonetravels

Thanks, Tbone. Who could be angry at a donut anyway? 😉

Comment by slightlywonky

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