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Back to the drawing board…
March 30, 2012, 8:57 am
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So, I returned to the drawing board this week to complete another drawing for my series.  Here is the latest image:


Note the tools of the trade on the left…leadless  pencil, eraser shield, drafting brush, kneadable eraser, etc. etc.  The brush is key for keeping the drawing clean.  Most people use it to brush off bits of eraser, etc…but I find it helpful when I am snacking.  I try my best not to have food crumbs on my work.  It looks less “professional” when you have food stuck to your drawing.  See?  I provide such insightful tips to all of the other aspiring artists out there.  I might also have to get a “beer hat” so that I can be sure to drink my tea without spilling…you know what I mean:

Have I already lost some of you? 


Not a great image for a Friday morning? 

I agree.  Moving on…

So, I often look to see what other graphite artists are doing.  I do this partially for inspiration…and partially for self-flagellation.  I found the work of this guy, Patrick Kelly which is SO BEAUTIFUL.  Here is a partial view of one of his drawings:

Patrick Kelly

Seriously gorgeous.  He makes these crazy templates that he traces with super dark graphite.  He keeps shifting the template, and tracing it again and again.  Seriously…check out his stuff NOW. 

Patrick Kelly 

He really exploits the metallic sheen of graphite.  Amazing.  Has anyone out there seen his work “in person”???  I want one.  See the paper templates on the floor by the wall?  See the ubiquitous Target step-stool?  We have one of those EXACT stools.  I’m one step closer to greatness…

Perhaps this post been too black and white so far?  Boring?  Here is a pop of color from our yard:

Isn’t it amazing???? I love forsythia. It looks stunning for a few short weeks in the early spring…then it looks like an ugly bramble the rest of the year.  Or, perhaps that’s just in our yard?  Probably.

My son has created yet another priceless work of art:

Brilliant!  I may have to get this bronzed, but I’m worried that it will ruin the effect. Thoughts?

My friend, George, came back recently from a very long trip to India.  Here is his website.  He brought back some lovely wood stamps:

These are HAND CARVED.  I kid you not.  So beautiful…just as objects.  I am antsy to use them as stamps on some fabric.  Maybe when I finish that dress that I started last week (and mentioned in the last post), I might use some of these?  It might distract from the potentially mumu-like look of the outfit.  Are tigers slimming?  Who knows.

Okay, so next week…I’ll let you know how this weekend’s portfolio review went.  I hope that the reviewers are helpful, insightful, and in awe of my little box of drawings.  In reality, these are serious people in the Boston art world, so perhaps I should just hope that no one spills their Snapple on my stuff.  My drafting brush can’t fix that.  My art advisor suggested that I bring white cotton gloves for the reviewers when they flip through the drawings, but perhaps a beer-hat for each would be better?   Hmmm…


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