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Snow, slowness and clutter…
March 1, 2012, 4:39 pm
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So, I feel that the pace at which I complete drawings has slowed down considerably.  Why is that?  Winter lethargy?  Domestic distractions?  Raiding the refrigerator like a racoon every thirty minutes?  What???

I think that I’m actually starting to notice the neglected house…the stacks of papers…the projects “in process”…and the general clutter.  I would love to wake up tomorrow morning as a neat person, but it’s not likely to happen.  Neatness takes time.  I prefer to spend my time making a mess, rather than cleaning it up.  I’m clearly setting an awful example for my son.  When he was little, he considered it entertaining to dump out the contents of his toy bins onto the floor.  That was not a good omen for future neatness.

He built this little house the other day.  I’m actually more concerned about his interest in construction/building, than his messy habits.  What if he wants to become an architect????  I have to shield him from such reckless thoughts…which I must insist upon, as a recovering architect myself.

I got the photographs of my drawings back.  They look good!  Here, see if you can guess which was the professional photograph:

Is it this one?



or, is it this un-photoshop-ed one?

It is for this same reason that I now take my son to get his hair cut by a professional.  I know.  It isn’t really a fair comparison, as I did nothing to help my shoddy photo.  Still…no amount of product could fix my remedial haircutting…so, I still say that it’s worth it to go to an expert.

In a similar vein to last week, I am highlighting an artist whose work I love.  Her name is Kate Petley.  Please check out her website.    I LOOOOOVE her colors and swooping marks.  Her is one of her paintings:

Kate Petley

I mean, really….isn’t it GORGEOUS????  (I always worry that the artist will be upset that I have her work on my blog.  But, as I credit her for the work, and provide a link to her website…I hope that this is good blog etiquette…)  Look at those colors!  Look at that composition!  Look at how that green paint bleeds up into the white area!  Look at that little gray square in the lower left!  Sigh.  Such brilliance.  Maybe I can afford a mug with that on it?

Besides finally completing a drawing this week, I also updated my website!  Check it out here, please!  See?  Big changes, if you were familiar with how it was before.  Yes, after looking at my website, you may want to suggest that I look into Zoloft.  Really, I’m fine.

So, here is my latest drawing:

See?  I’m fiiiiine.  Perhaps I have S.A.D.?  Look at that dim light!  It is finally winter around here:

Perhaps my son has S.A.D. too???

Should I be concerned?  Where are the rainbows and flying horses???  Where are the puppies and smiley faces??????  What’s up with that CAGE???????

Maybe we need to get the “family-size” zoloft?  Really, it isn’t “The Shining” over here.  I’m thrilled that it’s snowing.

(and snowing…and snowing…and snowing…)

Heeeere’s MOMMY!!!


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Remember life is a curve, everything is a curve, sometimes up-
sometimes down.
Being down, think you maybe wil going up.

May be you are not going up, oh boy… what to do.. look at the sky, a tree, a flower, a color, a drawing .
, a shadow, music, I know take a walk , draw something , sing, write to … kiss wat ever is there , make a blog
What….. now I, m feeling down , because I,m trying to help and I have the feeling I, m not able to do this, but you can always look at my blog and feel happy

Comment by ellyhuizinga

Thanks so much for your comment! You’re right…just going for a walk and spending some time outside can really help in the winter. A cup of hot cocoa also helps…but maybe that’s just me. 🙂

Comment by slightlywonky

OMG, I loved this post. So YOU!! Your drawings are magnificent. Certainly worthy of being professionally photographed, sort of the same way that a beautiful person should be a model. Your little man may be building geometric houses and drawing caged, sad creatures but hey, at least he’s creating! Maybe he’s trying to send you a message though. Here’s my interpretation: Mom, can we please get out of this cage-like house once in a while and do some fun stuff, it makes me sad to live in the blocked-in walls of our house? (jk)

Drawing is definitely one of your greatest strengths. I love your recent pieces. Imagine what a trip somewhere warm and colorful (like say Guatemala) might do for your psyche :o) Vacation-ho!!

Comment by growingmuses

Aw…thanks. Yes, maybe his drawing is a subtle cry for adventure…maybe he’s stir crazy too! Sometimes, I think that he is just looking to get some non-mommy time!

Comment by slightlywonky


i always enjoy reading your blog entries; they are hilarious! keep them coming..

and i think it’s much more interesting making the mess than cleaning it up. probably a really good example you are setting for your son in the end.

Comment by tracy

Yes, I’m going to assume that my messy habits are instilling creative zeal instead. When I see my son as an adult on the TV show, “Hoarders”, then I will know otherwise…but until then…I’ll keep positive!

Comment by slightlywonky

I’ve found I can get creatively exhausted and winter weather doesn’t help. Cut yourself a little slack and let yourself do nothing for a couple days (not too long though.) Do something to pamper yourself. We all need a break to recharge every now and then. And when you’re done, get back to making some more amazing drawings!

Comment by lisa foster

Yes!!! SO TRUE! I’d love to have a do nothing day. I’m sure that looking at the state of our house, my husband would be scared at how I could possibly do LESS…but I think that you’re right! Thanks for your kind words and comments. I hope that you are faring well during these rather grey months!

Comment by slightlywonky

Have you ever read “The Artist’s Way?” In it the author suggests that you take an “artist’s break” every week. It’s been a long time since I read this so I may have the term wrong. It can be anything that’s not connected with your normal life/work/art. I’ve done things like dip candles, peruse card/paper/stationary stores, go to hardware stores that specialize in recycled house parts. Take a trip on public transit to the end of the line. Paint ceramics, string beads, a picnic in a park. Anything that will get you out of your normal routine. Hmmm it sounds good, maybe I should start doing these again..

Comment by lisa foster

I have that book! I have to find it. I like this idea…just taking a break and trying NOT to feel guilty about it. I like the public transit thought too…see some places that I never see… thank you!!!!!

Comment by slightlywonky

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