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blimey…my kingdom for some butter…
January 13, 2012, 4:26 pm
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Do you think that starting a blog post with, “this was not the most productive week”, is a bad idea, i.e. will cause people to move on quickly to something else more exciting, like laundry?  Possibly.

While I did not get much drawing done this week…I have done a lot of…cooking.  Yes, my husband “forced” me to watch the documentary, “Forks Over Knives”, and now…we’re 95% vegan.  Let me say that again, as I would not in 1,000 bagillion years ever thought it…but, we’re VEGAN (mostly).  I know.  What kind of plant based koolaid did I drink?  Who knows.  If you value eating bacon, you might want to skip this film…and get an ice cream.

mmm…ice cream….

FOCUS!  Yes, it’s been a busy time, experimenting with various recipes and odd ingredients.  I recently bought nutritional yeast this week.  I kid you not.  NUTRITIONAL YEAST.  (why am I yelling so much?)  Now, I’m starting to freak myself out.  When I start wearing all hemp clothes, call the local insane asylum.

In general…I like the foods that are a pleasant “medley” of vegetables.  I am not fond of fake soy “cheese”, fake soy “sausages”, fake soy “meatballs”.  Forget it.  Those are scary.  They also tend to use a lot of mushrooms…which I hate.  Did I mention that mushrooms are SOOO good for you?  Well, they are.  Eat two for me.

So, it’s been an unusual week of buying and eating unusual things.  My son has perfected his skeptical scowl of all of my cooking.  His new favorite question when I’m cooking is, “are you making something that I like?”.  Poor kid.  Kiss those hot dogs goodbye.

If you are all curious to why this latte slugging, hot dog munching person could possibly consider this…then watch the documentary.  It makes you feel like you’re chomping on an early death sandwich.  Pass the butter.

Beyond my food coup d’etat…I’m dragging along with my drawings.  Here is a new one:

My husband just occasionally looks over my shoulder when I’m drawing and says nothing.  I’m sure that he’s slightly concerned.  Perhaps I need some more flax seed?

I met with a local artist, who recommended that I look at the work of Antonio Lopez Garcia.  Here is one of his drawings:

Antonio Lopez Garcia

Amazing, right?  So much atmosphere.  Sigh.  I know…don’t feel defeated.  Just keep drawing (and erasing!).  I aspire to someday be as good as one of his lousy drawings.  A girl’s gotta have goals right?

Two questions:

1.  Is anyone else out there vegan?  How’s it goin’? (this counts as one question, because I make up the rules here)

2.  Any other artists that I should take a look at, who are doing work in a similar vein to mine?  Bueller?  (this is also one question)



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