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Freezing!!!!!! (and bookish diversions…)
January 6, 2012, 4:07 pm
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Okay, so it was 8 DEGREES one morning this week.  ech.  I’ve resigned myself to wrapping in a blanket while I draw.  You’ll know that I’m desperate when I start to wear gloves.  I’ll have to throw out the realism at that point and pursue abstract expressionism with my mittened hands.

I really attempted to focus this week on my drawings.  I did.  I also went to an exhibit at the Monroe Center for the Arts in Lexington, MA.  They had an exhibit (today’s the last day!) called, “Beyond the Book – An exhibition of book as art”.  I LOVED it.  I wish that there were MORE books to look at.  The nice thing was that the books were not in a case, even though you couldn’t touch them, so you could see them quite well.  Julia Talcott did a really interesting reduction print book.  You can see it here in her own website.  She prints the whole book on a flat piece of paper, then she cuts and folds the paper to make the little book. 

Here is a ridiculous example of one of my early forays into bookmaking.   My mother recently found this in the attic, and gave it to me.  (I have no idea how she had it, one of those things that was supposedly lost forever).  Anyway, here it is:

Yes, I kid you not.  This was a middle school creation with my friend.  We had these hideous creatures that we’d draw everywhere.  So, we decided to make a book with them.  Inside:

SCARY!  Okay, this is a FAR cry from what was on exhibit in Lexington.  It’s truly ridiculous that I should even include this, but too bad.

Anyway, I got all fired up about bookmaking, so I made this book for a friend:

Now, I don’t believe that this person ever reads my blog posts.  If she does, she doesn’t let on.  This is supposed to be a birthday present, so I’m taking a risk here showing it.  BUT, I truly don’t think that she ever looks here, so I hope that I am not ruining the surprise.  Actually, I ended up making a little tie to hold the book together, but I forgot to take a picture after I added that.  The inside:

Isn’t it adorable?  The cover is around 5.5″ tall, and 4.25″ wide.  I am now feeling kind of addicted to the idea of making these.  You can put ANYTHING inside!  It does make me a little sad about my doodling skills.  Those need work.

I may venture forth into further unfamiliar territory by trying out silverpoint drawing:

Now, I have actually done this before, but it’s been ages.  Also, this Silverpoint/Drawing Ground from Golden is totally unfamiliar to me.   Hmm.  We’ll see how it goes.  Silverpoint is basically drawing with a silver nib onto paper coated with a chalky ground.  It makes super fine lines (which you can’t erase).  The lines actually tarnish and change color over time, so it’s kind of an interesting medium.  We’ll see if I do anything with it, as I am a slave to my eraser, and can’t imagine doing without it.

I reworked a bunch of my previous drawings, and have a couple of new ones…this is one of them:

Sorry, I think that it’s blurry.  I took it outside, but there’s hardly any sunlight lately.  I FEEL LIKE I’M LIVING IN A CAVE.  Okay, that’s a major exaggeration, but there is such a thing as S.A.D., so perhaps I’m not alone in that thought.  I think that spending hours drawing in a dimly lit basement doesn’t help either.  I may have to stick my head under my Ott light to help improve my mood.

Does anyone out there have any good vegan recipes that their kids like?  We’re eating more vegan lately, but my son gives everything a skeptical look.  I read a recipe recently of black bean brownies.  Now, I’d be giving THAT a skeptical look.  I really don’t want to eat a black bean brownie…no thank you.  Give me the real thing, with swirly cream cheese on top…mmmm…


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Ah, books…my very favorite of all subject matter. If only I could find the time to write the picture book I’m determined to produce, maybe we finally could collaborate. Ah time, the enemy of all creative endeavors.

I love the birthday book! Tami, I mean “your friend” will LOVE it too. Anything handmade is always superior to the most expensive of presents in my mind.

I have a good recipe for blueberry brownies…wait, come to think of it, maybe they ARE black bean brownies afterall. It’s from a Sneaky Chef lecture I went to last year. We even got to try them. They were really GOOD!

My dad and #4 have gone vegan and guess what, most of their health issues have evaporated, along with 17-23 pounds. A good move all around but I fear tricky wit young kids at the table.

Have you picked up any Peter Sis books (children’s section, of course)? They’re fantastic. He’s an artist from the former Czech Republic (communist block). Beautiful illustrations. You’d dig him.

I’m right there with you on S.A.D. I need a trip to the Bahamas! (wanna come?) Maybe we should just move somewhere warm like Thailand.

Can’t wait to see the silverpoints. Can I commission a nutcracker drawing?

Comment by growingmuses

Oh, I’d love the recipe! Can you send it to me? I’m so glad to hear that your dad and #4 are healthier than ever.

I don’t know Peter Sis? I’ll have to look him up. Did you know that the Danforth Museum has a room that is devoted to illustrations of children’s book? They have the actual artwork there to look at. They often have the illustrators (or maybe authors too) come to talk about the book and the artwork. That place is so close to you that you should check it out.

I’d LOVE to go to the Bahamas with you!!!! Wouldn’t that be SO fun! Fruity drinks, sunshine, hilarity…let’s try saving up to do that next year, ok????

Looking forward to seeing you tonight at Jay’s!

Comment by slightlywonky

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