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Some minor successes!

So, this past Friday evening was the opening to the portrait show that I have a drawing in!  It’s really VERY low key…but I was excited nonetheless.  The show is titled, “See You, See Me: The Art of the Portrait”, and it’s at the Belmont Gallery of Art until November 13, 2011.  Here is what some of the works looked like in the first room:

See the two women standing in front of a large painting?  The woman on the right is the artist of that painting, and it was so amazing.  It appears to be a portrait of her daughter looking at picture books in a sunny, but dark, room.  It’s an oil painting, and she’s clearly a talented painter.  Her name is Noriko Fox, and here is her website.

This is the room where my drawing was…you can see it on the back wall…just to the left of the guy in black:


Here it is!

Here is the funniest thing…So, I had to put a title on this drawing.  I did not know the name of the model, nor did I know any possible way to find out his name.  So, I made up a name…”Michael”.  He just looked like a Michael to me.  I just didn’t want to call him “Man”, or “Portrait”.  WELL…would you believe that there was someone else who had also done a portrait of him?  I am not kidding!  Of course, she had his correct name, which is “Dan”.  My friend, Janet, came to see the show and recognized him and confirmed that his name is really Dan.  Sigh.  If only I knew that!  At least we both did a good job creating a likeness of him, as pretty much everyone recognized that it was the same person!

Some other good news this week is that I sold three prints from the show at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, CT!  I was really happy.  Only one of my prints was selected for the official show, but the other two prints were in binders with all of the other prints that didn’t make the cut.  However, someone bought not only the one officially in the show, but the other two as well!    Not the same person, I’m sure.

My last bit of good news is that my basement workspace is finally furnished, and I’ve moved in!  I will show you a photo at some point, but it’s a bit messy right now.  I’m preparing for the Arlington Open Studios, so I haven’t had much time to really organize it.  I’ve been trying to make progress on packaging all of the prints that I plan to bring to the open studios.  Mark it on your calendar!  October 15 & 16 from 12-5pm at the Arlington Center for the Arts.  I’ll be in the big auditorium space.

Here is part of a woodblock that I have been working on.  This was printed by hand, but I’m hoping to print it with a press on Monday.  I’ll update you on how it turned out!


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that is the best news I’ve heard all day! (that and the fact that my husband got turned away from the Great American Beer Fest in Denver because he was wearing one of the stick-on mustaches I bought for the occasion and insisted on him wearing…) Anyway, that’s so excinting, your first shows, your first sales and a snowball more of good things to come no doubt! You are a great and talented artist!!

On the title of your portrait, I would have named it “Big Man” because “Dan” has a striking resemblance to Ron Mueck’s Big Man sculpture that’s in the ‘s Hirshhorn Collection (here’s a link: It’s huge, I think a person standing next to the sculpture comes up to it’s shoulder…maybe a little higher.

Can’t wait to hear and read about your myriad successes yet to come. Congrats on the “official” studio space too. Now on to the upstairs rewiring project, right?

Comment by growingmuses

Why would they turn away someone for a stick on mustache? (What about guys wearing toupees?) That doesn’t seem right!

Thanks so much for your kind words!!!!! I really appreciate it. Yes, the upstairs wiring project is done. This evening, I was working on painting that room…ahh, what a fascinating life I lead…

Comment by slightlywonky

Congratulations on selling your prints Elizabeth and the portrait looks fantastic framed no matter what you call him. Really lovely work. Good luck with the Arligton show.. Wish, as always I could make it..

Comment by Ruth

Thank you, Ruth!

Comment by slightlywonky

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